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BAR TIMES Original EDO KIRIKO Mixing Glass KEN NI KAGOME [276,277]

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12,500 JPY

Price From: 12,500 JPY

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BAR TIMES original piece, a mixing glass made on the concept of "Creating a beautiful mixing glass for a beautiful cocktail"

By adding a palisade and reticular pattern cut, both patterns are very well known since ancient Japan, it adds a very rich feel.

At BAR TIMES, to create this ultimate product, we asked Mr. Kenji Ootomo, an Edo-Style glass cutter and traditional-crafts craftsman, to cut out the pattern for us.
The original glass is created with the BAR TIMES original Edo Glass mixing glass as the base, with a more complicated and beautiful pattern.

This mixing glass is functional as a bar tool, but also a traditional craft.
Please enjoy the beautiful product, created by a craftsman, that is fit for a professional bartender's performance.

You can choose between the following sizes: S size (450ml) and L size (650ml)

Due to the nature of glassware, please note that the weight and size of products vary slightly.
Bubbles may be contained in the glass, but that doesn't mean it is defective.

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12,500 JPY

Price From: 12,500 JPY

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