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USUHARI Glass Tumbler SHIWA [4013,4012,4011,4010]

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1,800 JPY

Price From: 1,800 JPY

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A SHIWA series with a smooth indent. A tumbler with a very thin glass. The glass is less than 1mm thick, feeling soft when holding it or drinking out of it. A mold that is used when blowing the glass is the same as the one used to make a normal tumbler. But when the glass is removed from the mold, by sucking in air, the glass has an indent, creating a special pattern. Depending on how hard the air is sucked, each point has a different expression.

Choose from four different sizes: S size (140ml), M size (240ml), L Size (330ml) and LL size (460ml).

※The SHIWA series may differ slightly in size or shape for each product. Thank you for your understanding.

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1,800 JPY

Price From: 1,800 JPY

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