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In collaboration with the award winning Michigan-based Bell’s Brewery, Spiegelau has developed a specific drinking vessel for one of the world’s most popular beer varieties – WHEAT.
Ever focused on perfecting beer-specific glassware, Spiegelau’s latest innovation is poised to become the new standard for enjoying premium wheat beers.
As with previous tasting-workshops, Spiegelau has challenged conventional thinking and presumption of what a wheat beer glass should look like.
The new glass ultimately offers the best wheat beer drinking experience, delivers the optimal taste, aroma and mouth feel to enhance American and Belgian wheat beers.
・Large, voluminous bowl harnesses and retains the delicate aromas of wheat beer
・Mouth opening delivers beer evenly across the palate to enhance mouth feel and harmony of sweetness and acidity
・Laser cut lip ensures crisp, clean delivery in every sip ・Open bottom glass base drives beer and aromatic foam upward into main bowl after every sip
・Ultra-pure quartz material makes for unsurpassed clarity and flawless, true color presentation
・Stark, angular shape and open base creates dramatic visual cascading effect into glass as beer is poured