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WADASUKE Cocktail Strainer Black - Japanese Lacquer edition [152B]

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7,400 JPY

Availability: In stock

A simple strainer with no hooks.
The stainless steel plate diameter is 75mm, making it smaller than a typical strainer.
The springs are very condensed, and it is as high quality as it looks.

Depending on the size of the tin or mixing glass, the strainer can go far into the cup, stopping the ice without making a sound.

It is Black - Japanese Lacquered [URUSHI] edition.

[usage note]
Please avoid soaking it in water and hot water for a long time.
Please don’t leave it wet. (Please wipe up water early).
When washing it, please use a soft sponge with dishwashing detergent and don’t use a hard sponge (scrub) or detergent with abrasive.
This can be washed in a dishwasher machine. But please take it out as soon as possible when washing is finished.
Please don’t use for it a hot air dryer.
Please prevent it from being given an strong shock such as dropping.
(With a strong shock, the paint may come off.)

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