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YUKIWA Cocktail Shaker Glossy Black [036BK,037BK]

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13,800 JPY

Price From: 13,800 JPY

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An orthodox 3-piece cocktail shaker made by the most popular brand in Japan YUKIWA.
Many bartenders use YUKIWA for their easy to use, high-quality products.

It is black oxide coated.

You can choose between the following sizes: 500ml or 360ml.

[usage note]
Please avoid soaking it in water and hot water for a long time.
Please don’t leave it wet. (Please wipe up water early).
When washing it, please use a soft sponge with dishwashing detergent and don’t use a hard sponge (scrub) or detergent with abrasive.
This can be washed in a dishwasher machine. But please take it out as soon as possible when washing is finished.
Please don’t use for it a hot air dryer.
Please prevent it from being given a strong shock such as dropping.
(With a strong shock, the paint may come off.)

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13,800 JPY

Price From: 13,800 JPY

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