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BIRDY. by Erik Lorincz CS350 Bourbon [430]

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17,000 JPY

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Birdy's proprietary polishing technique helps the bar tools work for you.
The shaker features a vertical grain which reduces stress on the contents and improves motion.

Unpolished metal contains countless jagged peaks.
Birdy craftmen use a 10-step process to reduce the height of these peaks and their sharpness.
Instead of making the inside completely flat, it is polished to an ideal smoothness (to within 0.1 micron) with skill only found in the Japanese auto industry.

This ideal finish reduces stress on the ice and helps you create cocktail that thoroughly blended and highly airated.

Besides, there is product of 500 ml size.(BIRDY. by Erik Lorincz CS500 [048])

It is bourbon-colored.