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  1. YUKIWA Strainer Triangle Pink Gold [155P]

    4,200 JPY
    A uniquely designed strainer, which comes in a triangle shape. The diameter of the spring is 80mm. Compared to a typical strainer, there are no hooks or patterns, so it can be compact and stored easily. If you are looking for simplicity, we recommend this item. It is Pink Gold-Plated.
  2. YUKIWA Strainer AI Pink Gold [305P]

    5,600 JPY
    A heart design with holes. The stainless steel plate is 80mm in diameter. It is possible to use with a typical mixing glass. The compressed springs are flexible and it can fit smoothly into the mixing glass. It is Pink Gold-Plated.
  3. YUKIWA Strainer Modern Pink Gold [306P]

    4,200 JPY
    A modern style strainer. The spring is 90mm in diameter, and is slightly bigger than a typical strainer. The handle is smaller, and there is no hook. It is Pink Gold-Plated.

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3 Item(s)
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