Kazuaki Nagao cocktail making "Sweet Dark Night"

Original cocktail "Sweet Dark Night" by BAR TIMES STORE Ambassador Kazuaki Nagao.

This cocktail is based on gin and features a distinctive black color thanks to the addition of various secondary ingredients and bamboo charcoal powder.

Please see the recipe below.


▼Cocktail Name: Sweet Dark Night

-Recipe -

・30ml Gin

・15ml Local Honey Water

・15ml Tropical Acid Water

・10ml Fig Leaf Bitters

・1/2 teaspoon Bamboo Charcoal Powder


-How to make-

1.Fill a cocktail glass with ice to chill.

2.Fill a mixing glass with ice, pour in water, and rinse the ice before discarding the water.

3.Pour all the ingredients into the mixing glass and stir well.

4.Strain the mixture into the chilled cocktail glass.