Master Class & Guest Shift in Taiwan Tour Report Part 1!

From August 20th to 23rd, 2023, Mr. Kazuaki Nagao, the ambassador of BAR TIMES STORE, visited Taiwan and conducted special masterclasses and guest shifts at the popular bar "INFINITY AND BEYOND," which has been gaining attention in Taiwan. This bar has been ranked 52nd in the Asia's Best Bars list this year, making it a prominent establishment in Taiwan's bar scene.

Under the banner of the "Asia Tour," Mr. Nagao provided detailed reports on the masterclasses and guest shifts. He also introduced hidden gems and local favorites that only the locals may know. Please take a look!

Masterclass Conducted at "INFINITY AND BEYOND"!

▲Ranked 52nd in Asia's Best Bars: "TO INFINITY AND BEYOND".

During this visit, we were invited as guests to the bar called "TO INFINITY AND BEYOND" along with Mr. Kiyosaki, the owner of Bar LIBRE. Throughout our stay at this bar, Manager Barnett graciously guided us over three days, providing us with ample opportunities to enjoy delicious drinks and cuisine.

Approximately 30 bartenders participated in the masterclass, which covered the following topics:

1.Introduction to LIBRE
2.Explanation of classic cocktails and modern twists
3.Introduction to BAR TIMES STORE
4.Live cocktail-making demonstration and tasting

Particularly, many participants showed great enthusiasm and curiosity, especially when it came to techniques like lemon juicing and shaking. Interestingly, it seems that finding stainless steel juicers is quite challenging in Taiwan.

▲Around 30 Taiwanese bartenders participated in the masterclass.

▲Introducing BAR TIMES STORE's Original Japanese Lacquer-Coated Bar Tools.

▲Careful Instructions on How to Squeeze Citrus Fruits.

Great Interest in the BAR TIMES STORE Original "Japanese Lacquer Shaker".

When participants got their hands on YUKIWA brand products, their eyes lit up, and they eagerly tried shaking and stirring with them. There was also significant curiosity surrounding the BAR TIMES STORE Original Japanese Lacquer Shaker that we brought with us, and questions arose regarding the reason for using lacquer. We explained the advantages of lacquer, such as its non-slip properties, inability to transfer heat, lightweight nature, and use of natural materials. Due to its premium quality, participants were intrigued by its value. 

▲Participants showed interest in BAR TIMES STORE's original bar tools, such as shakers adorned with Japanese lacquer from YUKIWA and EDO KIRIKO mixing glasses.

▲There was also a live demonstration of cocktail making.

What is being used in place of mixing glasses at bars in Taiwan?

▲In Taiwan, where there are many large bars, beakers are often used instead of mixing glasses.

In Taiwan, where many bars are bustling, it's common for mixing glasses to break quickly due to the frequent cocktail preparation. Consequently, what they often used instead were laboratory beakers. These beakers come with a spout, measurement markings, and are reasonably priced. We were surprised by this fact.

Furthermore, they also used small beakers for chaser glasses. These beakers blended seamlessly with the ambiance of the establishments, and we learned that similar ideas were adopted in other bars as well.

In our next installment, we will introduce various bars in Taiwan that are currently in the spotlight!


You can find more details about Taiwan's 'INFINITY AND BEYOND' on the following Instagram page.