BIRDY. by Erik Lorincz Ryu Sasakura model

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    © Araki Jo/Kenshi Nagatomo/Shueisha/Bar hoppers

    BAR TIMES STORE is a cocktail line of BIRDY. "By Eric Lorintz" will be releasing a limited edition special cocktail tool from April 4th (Thursday) in collaboration with "Bartender God's Glass", which will be made into an anime starting April 2024.

    "Bartender God's Glass" has been serialized in "Super Jump" since 2004, and has a circulation of 3.6 million copies (as of April 2023). This is an animated version of the original work by Mr. Shiro (published by Shueisha), with the main character being Tame Sasakura, a genius bartender who is said to be able to create the ``glass of the gods,'' and the human drama of the customers who visit the bar and the unique characters surrounding him. It is.

    BIRDY. will be participating in the animation as a production partner. In the anime, you can see how the main characters, including the main character, use BIRDY. by Erik Lorincz's bar tool.

    In addition, four types of cocktail tools will be released for a limited time as “Sasakura Tame Model” as collaboration items. This bar tool is engraved with the letter "E" for "Eden Hall", which Tame Sasakura serves, and has the same design as the cocktail tool used by Tame Sasakura, the main character in the play.

    4 products
    BIRDY. by Erik Lorincz KS76 with "E" mark of Edenhall
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