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  1. Bartender's Magazine Vol.1 [533]

    600 JPY
    Caution : This Magazine is written entirely in Japanese. [Contents] 7 BARTENDERS 7 GIN&TONIC Kenji Otsuki (BAR OPA) Yuko Miyazaki(Tenderly) Makoto Katsumata(BAR FOUR SEASONS) Tomoyuki Kitazoe(SAPPHIRE by RAGE) Kenichi Takase(Bar Barista.) Jyn Asakura(BAR ANTHEM) Shinobu Ishigaki(ISHINOHANA) and more
  2. Bartender's Magazine Vol.2 [534]

    600 JPY
    Caution : This Magazine is written entirely in Japanese. [Contents] One and only standard cocktail Takao Mori(MORI BAR) Hisashi Kishi(STAR BAR GINZA) Neo-classic cocktail Hiroshi Arai(BAR NEKOMATA-YA) Hiroyuki Yoshida(SERENDIPITY BAR) Takumi Watanabe(THE SAILING BAR) and more
  3. Bartender's Magazine Vol.3 [535]

    600 JPY
    Caution : This Magazine is written entirely in Japanese. [Contents] The world calls him today, too Bartender Hidetsugu Ueno Speciality of KITASHINCHI Masatsugu Kawasaki(THE BAR Elixir K) Tatsuya Mankawa(BAR QUINTA) Mitsuaki Takamura(KITASHINCHI ROHASU WASAIDOKORO NOMIYA SYUKOHJIN) and more

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  4. Perfect Cocktail / LIQUID INTELLIGENCE [522]

    12,000 JPY
    Caution : This Book is written entirely in Japanese. (This book is translated into Japanese) [Author] DAVE ARNOLD [Translator] Yukihiko Nikaido [Japanese edition superviser] Hisashi Kishi
  5. NARITA ITTETSU to the BAR [575]

    2,700 JPY
    Caution : This book is written in Japanese. This book is a paper-cutting artworks collection whose subject matter is Japanese famous "Bars" and "Bartenders". He's already gone but Mr. Ittetsu Narita is still a famous paper-cutting artist with many fans. In this revised edition, 23 new works have been added to the list. All pages are in black and white because the works are all monochrome.
5 Item(s)
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