BAR TIMES STORE TAIWAN Ambassador Elvis Chang

Elvis Chang

Currently the proprietor of Goût Bar in Taichung, Taiwan. With experience ranging from the renowned Relax Restaurant, Sun Moon Millennium Hotel, and KC Cigar Lounge to Goût Bar, Elvis excels in crafting new flavors by combining classic cocktails with creative blends. His background in both cigars and cuisine enables him to finely tune his creations to suit diverse clientele. Elvis particularly enjoys exploring Taiwan extensively during his leisure time, gaining deep insights into local customs and traditions. He incorporates Taiwan's unique Chinese white and yellow wines into his cocktails, creating distinctly Taiwanese concoctions.

Creating exceptional cocktails is not just a job for Elvis; it's about ensuring every guest thoroughly enjoys their time in the bar. He hopes that when guests taste his creations, they feel not just the drink itself, but also the warmth of a skilled mixologist.

In the 2016 World Class Taiwan Finals, Elvis impressed by securing fourth place, later helping his team clinch the championship in the Asia Pacific Finals. In the 2017 World Class Taiwan Semifinals, his innovative and intriguing creation, the Pineapple Bitter Melon Chicken cocktail, left judges astonished.


  • 2016 WORLD CLASS Taiwan Finals 4th Place
  • 2016 DIAGEO WORLD CLASS South East Asia Overall Team Challenge Winner

Goût Bar 好吧

At Goût Bar, there are no menus. We specialize in classic cocktails, with a focus on cleanliness, comfort, and high quality. To present the purest and most authentic flavors.

  • Tel: (04) 2376-3203
  • Add:No.46, Cunzhong St, West Dost, Taichung, Taiwan
  • Business Hours:Open Everyday From 6pm to 1am