Julep Cup

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    When it comes to cocktails that use mint, the ``Mojito'' is famous, but the bourbon-based ``Mint Julep'' is also attractive. Introducing the Julep Cup, which allows you to enjoy mint juleps with a refreshing mint scent.

    The Mint Julep is a traditional cocktail from the American South. It is especially known as the official drink of the Kentucky Derby, and is so popular that tens of thousands of cups are served on race day. To enjoy mint julep to its fullest, we recommend a special "julep cup."

    This traditional cup, which has been loved for many years, is made of stainless steel and comes in two capacities: 360ml and 400ml. Some products are also copper plated.

    3 products
    Julep Cup [360ml]
    Reference price:¥2,800
    Julep Cup B Copper Plated [360ml]
    Reference price:¥3,200
    Julep Cup A Copper Plated [400ml]
    Reference price:¥3,400
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