BAR TIMES STORE is a shop specializing in bar tools and takes pride in having the largest selection of products in Japan.

We focus on an abundant selection of Japanese-made high-quality products.
Starting with various classics like shakers, mixing glasses, and jiggers, we also offer a wide selection of original BAR TIMES STORE products.
Our line-up focuses on Japanese-made, high-quality products from brands such as the long-established “YUKIWA,” the top-brand “BIRDY,” and others.

We are loved by bartenders all over the world.
Ever since we established an exclusive online shop for overseas shipping in 2016, we have gained a track record for supplying to well-known bars, hotels, and restaurants around the world.
We currently have customers shopping with us in over 40 countries world-wide.

This is an ecommerce store operated by BAR TIMES.
BAR TIMES STORE is a bar tools specialty store operated by the representative of Japan’s bar culture media, BAR TIMES.
Our Youtube channel that features cocktail making videos has over 120,000 subscribers, and is viewed by bartenders all around the world.

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