Ken Yang

Originally a composer, Ken has extended his musical talents into film, television, animation, and series, even earning a nomination for the Golden Bell Awards.
Several years ago, by chance, he discovered the art of cocktails and developed a great passion for it. Since then, he has been continuously exploring new possibilities within existing techniques and searching for unique flavors to present in his cocktails. Currently, he is the owner of "Bar Boat" and "Tor Dāy"

Ken embodies the spirit of a craftsman, excelling in crafting classic cocktails and creating signature cocktails distinguished by their unique aromas.
  • Founded "Bar Boat" in Taichung in 2017
  • Co-founded the cocktail venue "Tor Dāy" with friends in Taichung in 2022
  • In 2023, Tor Dāy won the Best Bar in Central Taiwan at the Taiwan Bar Awards
  • In 2024, Bar Boat was selected for the Paper Plane Bar Guide 2024
  • In 2024, Tor Dāy was honored as one of the Top 5 Bars of the Year in the Paper Plane Bar Guide 2024
  • In 2024, Tor Dāy won the Best Decoration Atmosphere in the Paper Plane Bar Guide 2024

Bar Boat

Sailing day and night,
Just for every traveler adrift on the sea.

Founded in 2017, Bar Boat is located in the West District of Taichung City, Taiwan.
The bar specializes in both creative and classic cocktails.
In addition to serving a wide variety of excellent cocktails,
Bar Boat also offers specialty dishes, such as its famous pan-fried dumplings and curry rice.
A voyage on Bar Boat ensures that travelers are well-fed and satisfied under the starlit sky,
igniting a passion as bright as the North Star to guide them home.

Bar Boat
Adress : 1F., No. 4, Jingcheng 1st St., West Dist., Taichung City 403530 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)
E-Mail :
TEL : +886423109569

Tor Dāy

Derived from the Minnan dialect, "Tor Dāy" is nestled in an old house in the alleys of the West District of Taichung City, Taiwan. Using terroir as its foundation, the bar aims to rekindle people's fond memories of Taiwan through its cocktails.
On this island of only 36,000 square kilometers, we aspire to foster a love and reverence for the land.
"This is a flavor space nurtured by the imagination of the land. Bartenders and designers from all corners of Taiwan have come together to create a cocktail bar that embodies the essence of terroir. Beyond incorporating tea into our drinks, we hope to convey more about the wind, the earth, and the local sentiments of the people through 'spirits.'"

Tor Dāy
No. 40, Ln. 210, Gongzheng Rd., West Dist., Taichung City 403022 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)
E-Mail :
TEL : +886978600620