"Bar Bus Hitachino," a bus tour exclusively for Kiuchi Sake Brewery with a bar counter, will begin operations from April 1st (Monday).

Starting today, March 1st (Friday), reservations for a day trip Gastro Bus Tour from Tokyo, where you can enjoy Kiuchi Sake Brewery's products such as Hitachino Nest Beer and Hinomaru Whisky from the comfort of the bus while experiencing the charm of Hitachino, are now open on the website.

Kiuchi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (located in Naka City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Representative Director: Toshiyuki Kiuchi), known for its sake production, including Hitachino Nest Beer, is embarking on a new venture to celebrate its 200th anniversary. The "BAR BUS HITACHINO," a bus with a bar counter connecting Tokyo Station and Kiuchi Sake Brewery's distillery, brewery, and sake warehouse, will commence operations from April 1st, 2024. Reservations for this day trip tour are now open starting from March 1st, 2024. Visit https://barbus.hitachino.cc/ for more information.

*1 Currently, the area focused on is Ibaraki Prefecture.

Experience the sake and cuisine of Hitachino on the "BAR BUS HITACHINO."

・Enjoying Drinks

Indulge in Kiuchi Sake Brewery's beverages on a bus with a built-in bar counter, available for free-flow service. The tour starts from Kajibashi Parking Lot near Tokyo Station. Inside the bus, equipped with a tap-equipped bar counter, you can delight in a variety of Kiuchi Sake Brewery's beverages, including Hitachino Nest Beer and Hinomaru Whisky, during stops before departure and throughout the journey.

Offerings: Hitachino Nest Beer (2 varieties), Hinomaru Whisky (Straight/Rock/Highball), Hinomaru Gin Kura Fudo Soda Mix, Kiuchi Umeshu (Straight/Rock/Soda Mix), and other soft drinks.

・Experience the Art of Brewing

Explore Kiuchi Sake Brewery's whisky distillery, brewery, and sake cellar.

Visit all of Kiuchi Sake Brewery's production facilities within Ibaraki Prefecture, including Hachigo Distillery, where Hinomaru Whisky is crafted; Gakuda Brewery, the home of Hitachino Nest Beer; and Konosu Kura, the traditional sake brewery in Konosu. This tour allows you to savor various alcoholic beverages and gain insight into the craftsmanship and dedication behind the brewing process.

Tasting Highlights:

  • Hachigo Distillery: Three varieties of Hinomaru Whisky, including distillery-exclusive releases.
  • Gakuda Brewery: One type of Hitachino Nest Beer.
  • Konosu Kura: Three types of Kiuchi Sake Brewery's sake, along with 2-3 seasonal selections.

・Savoring Food

Experience the flavors of both sustainable food initiatives and the seasonal delicacies of Hitachino, born from efforts towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Kiuchi Sake Brewery actively engages in SDG initiatives, focusing on food loss prevention and local circular economies. Enjoy the taste of Hitachino alongside their activities, featuring charcuterie "Hitachino Ham BARREL SMOKE," a product derived from their initiatives, and soba made from locally grown "Hitachi Autumn Soba," cultivated through the back cultivation of beer barley "Konishi Golden," also used in Hitachino Nest Beer's ingredients. Pair these culinary delights with the featured beverages.

Lunch: "Hitachino Ham BARREL SMOKE" - A light meal featuring homemade charcuterie and naturally fermented bread.

Dinner: Soba Kaiseki - Appetizers, meat dishes, and soba.

・The Allure of "BAR BUS HITACHINO"

Logo and Bus Wrapping Design by DRAWER, Mitsuhiko Ikeda.

The bus wrapping design, featuring a green color reminiscent of Hitachino's landscape and an owl mark that catches the eye, is handled by Mitsuhiko Ikeda from DRAWER, known for his extensive work in branding. The logo, bearing visible traces of hands, represents Kiuchi Sake Brewery's commitment to craftsmanship in brewing, reflecting their philosophy.

Interior Design by Jamo associates

Jamo associates, known for creating sophisticated playgrounds for adults, including the Trunk Hotel, are responsible for the interior design. Drawing inspiration from Hitachino Nest Beer, the design evokes the image of a bird's nest, creating a cozy space where one can leisurely enjoy their drinks.

・Gourmet tours by chefs and special art tours are also available.

In addition to the fundamental tour route, we periodically plan and conduct special tours that offer various experiences such as enjoying Kiuchi Sake Brewery's beverages, gourmet delights, and art exploration.

・Indulge in a gourmet journey hosted by top chefs - "Chefs in Hitachino."

A special gastronomy tour featuring unique plates crafted by renowned chefs from both domestic and international scenes, utilizing Ibaraki-produced ingredients such as Hitachi beef, Hitachino pork, and local vegetables.

*Scheduled to be held with participating chefs:

  • March 22nd (Friday): Sushi Hatsune, Master Chef Katsu Nakaharu (Sushi)
  • April 27th (Saturday): Aqua Pazza, Chef Yoshimi Hidaka (Italian)
  • May 12th (Sunday): malca, Chef Tsukasa Kitano (Italian)

・"BAR BUS HITACHINO Art Trip" - Enjoying Art and Spirits

A tour that combines art appreciation at museums with visits to Kiuchi Sake Brewery's distillery, brewery, and sake cellar, creating an experience of enjoying both art and spirits.

*Scheduled to be held:

  • March 23rd (Saturday): Mito Art Museum's exhibition 'Reiko Sudo: The Making of NUNO Textiles' and a tour of Hitachino Nest Beer's brewery and sake cellar.
  • April 6th (Saturday): Mito Art Museum's exhibition 'Reiko Sudo: The Making of NUNO Textiles' and a tour of Hachigo Distillery, where Hinomaru Whisky is produced, and Ibaraki Flower Park.

・Meeting the demand for inbound tourism and promoting the expansion of local tourism consumption

Kiuchi Sake Brewery, which produces Hitachino Nest Beer, a beloved brand known as "HITACHINO" in over 40 countries worldwide, currently exports about 50% of its production overseas. The brewery is highly recognized by international audiences, receiving numerous requests for visits to Kiuchi Sake Brewery's whisky distillery, brewery, and sake cellar from foreign visitors. In response to this demand, efforts have been made to provide multilingual support during the tours. With "BAR BUS HITACHINO," the aim is not only to showcase the various brewing processes of Kiuchi Sake Brewery domestically and internationally but also to contribute to conveying the charm of Ibaraki and Hitachino to both domestic and international audiences. Additionally, it aims to stimulate the influx of foreign tourists and boost local tourism consumption.

・"BAR BUS HITACHINO" Tour Overview

Operating Schedule: Thursdays, Saturdays, and holidays (Registration at 9:30, Departure at 10:00) - Estimated arrival at 19:30 Fare: ¥24,800 per adult (tax included)     *Special weekday discount rate of ¥21,800 per adult (tax included) available as a launch promotion (until the end of May) Itinerary: Departure from Tokyo Station Kajibashi Parking Lot (Registration at 9:30, Departure at 10:00) - Rest at Moriya SA with bar time - Visit to "Hachigo Distillery" where Hinomaru Whisky is produced, light lunch - Rest at Tomobe SA with bar time - Visit to "Gakuda Brewery" where Hitachino Nest Beer is brewed - Visit to Kiuchi Sake Brewery's sake cellar "Konosu no Kura," Dinner at "Kura + Soba Nagaya" - Dissolution at Tsukuba Station (Estimated arrival at 19:30) Departure/Arrival Points: Departure - Tokyo Station Kajibashi Parking Lot (3-8-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)                               Arrival - Tsukuba Express Tsukuba Station Capacity: 25 passengers Reservation Method: Web pre-payment Reservation Page: https://www.tabbit.jp/barbus/htcn01 Service Site: https://barbus.hitachino.cc/ Tour Organizer: Tabbit Tours Co., Ltd. Planning Cooperation: Kiuchi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. Bus Operation: Traveling Corporation Co., Ltd. Inquiries: 029-212-5111 Kiuchi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Contact: Kuni, Nozawa, Hagitani)

*For detailed operating schedules, please check the reservation page mentioned above. *Applications from individuals under 20 years old will not be accepted.

Project Team: Planning and Operation: Kiuchi Sake Brewery, Bunka Seijin Art Direction: DRAWER Interior Design: Jamo associates Bus Renovation: Elegant Import and Export FFE Production: Yagisawa Furniture, Yuit, Lapies

About Kiuchi Sake Brewery:

Established in 1823 in the current city of Naka, Ibaraki Prefecture, by Kiuchi Giheiemon. The brewery began with the production of sake, starting with "Kikumasamune," and in 1996, they commenced the production of Hitachino Nest Beer. With a commitment to traditional techniques and carefully selected ingredients, Kiuchi Sake Brewery is dedicated to showcasing Japanese brewing craftsmanship both domestically and internationally. In 2016, they ventured into whisky production. In 2020, the new "Hachigo Distillery" was established in Ibaraki City, securing the production system for Japanese whisky. Beyond brewing, they have expanded into the food and beverage industry, operating restaurants such as "Hitachino Brewing" and "Kura + Katsu" in the Kanto region, creating spaces for enjoying both food and drinks.

Company Overview:

  • Company Name: Kiuchi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
  • Founded: 1823 (Year 6 of the Bunsei era)
  • Business Activities: Manufacturing and sales of alcoholic beverages, food and beverage business
  • Location: 808 Minamisakude, Naka City, Ibaraki 311-0132, Japan
  • Website: https://www.kodawari.cc/