A collaboration between 'BIRDY.' cocktail line 'BIRDY. by Erik Lorincz' from Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, and the anime 'Bartender: Kami no Glass' has been announced.

(C) Jo Araki, Kensai Nagatomo/Shueisha/Bar Hoppers

Special cocktail tools commemorating the on-air broadcast will be newly released starting from April 4th (Thursday)!

The factory brand "BIRDY." (Yokoyama Kogyo Co., Ltd. / President Eisuke Yokoyama), which has been producing automotive parts in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture since its establishment in 1951, will release special cocktail tools in collaboration with the anime "Bartender: Kami no Glass," which has been decided to be animated from April 2024. The collaboration will be available for limited release from April 4th (Thursday).

"Bartender: Kami no Glass" is an anime adaptation of the popular manga "Bartender," serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump" since 2004, with a circulation of 3.6 million copies (as of April 2023). It portrays the human drama of various characters who visit the bar where the genius bartender Ryuu Sasakura, known for making the "Glass of the Gods," works.

In anticipation of this highly anticipated anime adaptation, BIRDY. is participating as a production partner. In the anime, viewers will see main characters, including the protagonist, handling BIRDY. by Erik Lorincz's bar tools. To commemorate the on-air broadcast from April, a collaborative project has been launched, producing bar tools modeled after Ryuu Sasakura, engraved with the letter "E" from "Eden Hall," where Sasakura works, and will be sold for a limited time.

The "BIRDY. by Erik Lorincz Sasakura Model" includes four items: a cocktail shaker, a measuring cup, a bar spoon, and a strainer. These items will be available for limited purchase at the BIRDY. official online shop and BAR TIMES STORE.

【BIRDY. by Erik Lorincz Sasakura Model】Product Overview:

■ CS350 Cocktail Shaker Sasakura Model
Price: ¥16,940 (including tax)
Size: Approximately φ78mm × 172mm (when assembled)
Capacity: Approximately 350ml (when the body is filled with water)
Weight: Approximately 245g
Material: 18-8 Stainless Steel
Country of Origin: Japan


■ KS76 Quint Strainer Sasakura Model

Price: ¥9,680 (including tax)
Size: Approximately φ76mm × 190mm (with spring attached: approximately φ88mm × 200mm)
Weight: Approximately 105g
Material: 18-8 Stainless Steel
Country of Origin: Japan

■ BS300 Bar Spoon Sasakura Model

Price: ¥7,480 (including tax)
Size: Approximately 30mm × 300mm
Weight: Approximately 30g
Material: 18-8 Stainless Steel
Country of Origin: Japan

■ MC30/60 Measuring Cup Sasakura Model

Price: ¥11,440 (including tax)
Size: Approximately φ47mm×102mm
Capacity: 30ml/60ml
Weight: Approximately 77g
Material: 18-8 Stainless Steel with water-repellent coating
Country of Origin: Japan


Release Date: April 4, 2024 (Thursday) 0:30~
Available exclusively at BIRDY official online shop: https://www.birdy.shop/ and BAR TIMES STORE: https://bar-times-store.com/

・Character & Item Visuals

Sasakura Ryuu × CS350 Cocktail Shaker
Kelvin Chen × CS350 Cocktail Shaker
Kyoko Kawakami × MC30/60 Measuring Cup
(C) Jo Araki, Kensai Nagatomo/Shueisha/Bar Hoppers
Anime "Bartender: Kami no Glass" Official Website: https://bartender-anime.com/


Delivering a more refined drink with Japanese craftsmanship. In January 2013, at an automotive parts manufacturer in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, the development of original products utilizing in-house technology began. By repurposing polishing techniques used for molds, they arrived at the cocktail shaker. Rather than focusing on manufacturing efficiency or visual aesthetics, the designers pursued the "ideal form" for cocktails. They conducted interviews at bars across the country, resulting in a design that was unlike anything seen before. The name "BIRDY." derived from golf, symbolizing aiming higher than the standard—a dedication to excellence.

Realizing dreams, leaving behind a legacy.

When launching the brand, the developers aimed to have their products adopted at The American Bar, renowned as a holy ground for cocktails, located at The Savoy Hotel in the UK. In March 2014, the cocktail shaker from BIRDY. met with Eric Lorincz, who was then the head bartender at The American Bar, and its high quality and innovation were recognized, leading to its adoption at The American Bar. Since then, they have collaborated as co-developers and expanded their lineup. These high-quality Japanese-made cocktail tools have been exported to 22 countries and regions worldwide and are beloved by bartenders around the globe.