Renewal after 10 years! Campari refreshes its bottle design.

The iconic new bottle design, inspired by the birthplace and homage to Milan, pays tribute to Campari's origins.

Campari, the renowned Italian liqueur brand distributed by CT Spirits Japan (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / President: Tetsu Abe), is set to renew its bottle design after a decade.

As a brand that originated in Milan—a city at the forefront of global influence in fashion and design, constantly evolving—Campari has always sought new creativity and inspiration. The redesign of the bottle, after 10 years, is part of Campari's ongoing innovation, visually expressing its connection with the ever-evolving city of Milan and the pursuit of new horizons.

Since its inception, Campari has drawn inspiration from the multifaceted, complex, modern yet historical, and both classical and avant-garde elements generated by Milan. These influences have been seamlessly integrated into the brand.

The new bottle design serves as a visual homage to Milan, drawing aesthetic cues from every facet of Milanese culture to create a design that exudes elegance, confidence, and transcends eras.

The sharp lines engraved on the bottle signify the refined minimalistic fashion and contemporary design that Milan is renowned for, expressing the craftsmanship and elegance characteristic of Milanese people. As these sophisticated lines ascend towards the top, they symbolize the spread of Milan's aperitivo culture to the world, guiding the gaze towards the city's name at the center of the bottle.

In 1888, Campari added the brand label, and by 1912, it adopted the current brand logo. However, the first time it was sold in bottles was in 1931.

In 2006, the label depicted the birthplace, Milan, and in 2013, an elegant embossing process was added to enhance the bottle's charm. While maintaining the brand's assets accumulated over the years, such as the brand logo, the characteristic taste of "bitter," the crest, and the association with Milan, the design took on a more contemporary appearance.

Subsequently, in 2016, the label was improved, emphasizing Campari's reliability, modernity, and sophisticated design.

Now, in 2023, at the core of every element constituting the brand is "Milan." The bottle's surface features sharp, bold lines that cultivate elegance while incorporating a modern and straight-edged aesthetic. This redesign expresses the artistic nature of Milan's cocktail culture, infusing the bottle with confidence and sophistication.

■ Planned Transition Period

We are scheduled to commence the transition gradually around mid-December 2023. For inquiries regarding product specifications and other details, please contact our customer service.

Please note that the transition period may vary depending on the shipping status, so we appreciate your understanding in advance.

■ About Campari

A vibrant red hue and a bittersweet flavor define this unique premium Italian liqueur.

Campari was born in 1860. Its founder, Gaspare Campari, opened "Café Campari" in a corner of Milan's Piazza del Duomo in 1867, shortly after its establishment. From its initial release, the liqueur, with its subtly sweet and pleasantly bitter taste, became a sensation among the locals in Milan. Soon, Campari gained recognition not only in Milan but throughout various regions of Italy. Campari has captivated many with its vivid red color, refined and complex aromas of orange and herbs, and a distinctive bittersweet taste. Even after over 160 years since its founding, the closely guarded recipe remains unchanged, and its rich aroma and bitter taste serve as the perfect base, now widely used in numerous cocktails around the world.

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