Campari's limited-time POP-UP BAR will be open from Friday, September 1st to Saturday, September 30th!

Enjoy a pleasant autumn breeze at the open-air space 'Kosugi Core Park,' with excellent access from Musashi Kosugi Station, and indulge in Campari's limited edition cocktails for a month!

CT Spirits Japan (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / CEO: Tetsu Abe), the distributor of the renowned Italian liqueur brand 'Campari,' will be hosting a limited-time POP-UP BAR at the standing-style yakitori restaurant '&bird,' located just outside the south exit of Musashi Kosugi Station, from September 1st, 2023.

The venue is situated in the prime location of 'Kosugi Core Park,' right next to Musashi Kosugi Station with a walking distance of 0 minutes. Throughout the one-month duration, Campari Red parasols will adorn the space, offering an open and inviting environment to enjoy Campari cocktails.

An appropriate selection of cocktails will be provided to match the vibe of the POP-UP BAR. This lineup includes popular aperitif cocktails like Campari Soda and Campari Spritz, beloved in Italy and Europe. In addition, an exclusive cocktail for this pop-up event features a fresh Campari concoction made by combining 100% natural fruit juice extracted without peeling the fruit along with Campari.

Furthermore, there will be a raffle campaign where visitors can receive Campari original goods on the spot. Whether it's for a casual drink with colleagues after work or a light pre-dinner cocktail with friends, come and enjoy cocktails featuring Campari at your leisure. We look forward to your visit!

■ "CAMPARI POP-UP BAR" Event Details

[Event Period] From Friday, September 1st, 2023, to Saturday, September 30th, 2023

[Event Location] &bird (Kosugi Core Park, 3-1302 Kosugicho, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

[Opening Hours] 17:00 - 23:00 (Last Order at 22:00) *Irregular holidays

[Phone Number] 044-281-0755 *No reservations accepted.

[&bird Official Website & SNS]

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■ "CAMPARI POP-UP BAR" Cocktail Offerings

Campari Soda ¥500 (incl. tax)

A cocktail that is highly popular at the authentic Milanese bar 'Camparino.' With a strong herbal aroma and a refreshing taste, this cocktail offers a delightful experience.

Campari Spritz ¥600 (incl. tax)

An aperitif cocktail that's currently highly popular in Italy and Europe. This cocktail combines the bittersweet flavors of Campari with dry sparkling wine and soda. It's characterized by its refreshing taste and fruity drinkability.

Campari Fresh Mojito ¥650 (incl. tax)

A cocktail that combines the invigorating flavors of mint and soda with the bittersweetness of Campari, leaving a refreshing and clean aftertaste.

Campari Fresh Orange ¥650 (incl. tax)

This popular cocktail combines the fruity acidity and sweetness of fresh oranges with Campari, creating a drink that's easy for anyone to enjoy. The cocktail is made by pouring freshly squeezed orange juice, obtained using a juicer, into the mix.

Campari Fresh Spumoni ¥650 (incl. tax)

By using the entire fruit of fresh grapefruit, this cocktail boasts a refreshing flavor that expertly pairs the grapefruit's acidity with the bittersweetness of Campari. The cocktail is made by pouring freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, obtained using a juicer, into the mix for your enjoyment.

*"Kajutta" is an innovative juicer that extracts only the pulp from various fruits, including citrus, while leaving the outer skin intact.

■ Concurrent Campaign! "Raffle Campaign"

During the event period, when you order one Campari cocktail from the POP-UP BAR, you will receive one raffle ticket. Each ticket will grant you a chance to draw and receive a Campari original item mentioned on the drawn ticket, guaranteed! Right there on the spot, we will present you with the prize.

※ While supplies last

■ Collaboration Project with Tokyu Store Musashi Kosugi Branch! Enjoy a Complimentary Cocktail with a Purchase of Campari!

During the event period, when you present a receipt for the purchase of a 200ml or 750ml bottle of Campari from Tokyu Store Musashi Kosugi Branch at "&bird" located in Kosugi Core Park, you can enjoy one Campari cocktail for free.

■ About "Campari"

【A Unique Premium Italian Liqueur with Vibrant Red Color and Bittersweet Flavor】

Campari was born in 1860. Its founder, Gaspare Campari, opened "Caffè Campari" in a corner of Milan's Piazza del Duomo in 1867, shortly after its establishment. From its initial release, the liqueur, with its subtly sweet and pleasantly bitter taste, became a sensation among the people of Milan. Over time, Campari's fame spread throughout various regions of Italy, including Milan.

Campari is distinguished by its vibrant red color, sophisticated blend of orange and herbal aromas, and distinctively bittersweet flavor. These characteristics have captivated numerous individuals, making it a one-of-a-kind presence. Even after more than 160 years since its founding, the treasured recipe remains unchanged and continues to be passed down, maintaining its rich aroma and bitter taste. Serving as a perfect base, these qualities are now used in a multitude of cocktails worldwide.

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■ About "&bird"

Standing-style yakitori nestled in Musashi Kosugi Park. Offering a variety of dishes, from yakitori in the spacious and open interior with large windows, to appetizing small plates that entice you to try various flavors. The yakitori features fresh, premium chicken sourced from different regions across Japan, allowing you to savor the same cuts of meat from different origins. At lunchtime, enjoy their specialty bento boxes and takeout options for yakitori. From morning to night, they welcome you throughout the day.

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