The VIP room "Room Azul" within the bar and jazz lounge "Maduro" at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo underwent a renewal and reopened with a new look on February 2nd.

Experience an exquisite time in a space where Mexican and Japanese cultures merge.

Clase Azul Asia Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, President: Chan Michael Kissun, hereinafter referred to as "Clase Azul"), has recently announced the reopening of the VIP room "Room Azul" within the bar and jazz lounge "Maduro" at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo on February 2nd. Collaborating with the design studio we+ (We Plus), known for their use of sustainable materials in interiors and artwork, the space is adorned with upcycled decorations crafted from Clase Azul decanters, enhancing the ambiance.

Merge of Mexican and Japanese Traditional Cultures: 'Papel Picado' and Paper Cut Art

The VIP room, opened in September of last year under the theme 'Clase Azul Mexico meets Japan,' provides an immersive experience of Clase Azul craftsmanship and the fusion of Mexican and Japanese cultures.

In this recent renovation, Tokyo-based design studio we+ (We Plus) has taken charge of the design, delicately expressing the integration of Mexican and Japanese cultures. Building upon the initial elements of Mino washi paper, the decorations now incorporate the traditional Mexican art of 'Papel Picado' and imagery inspired by Japanese paper cutting. The art of paper cutting, originating from Asia and localizing in Mexico, is known as 'Papel Picado,' serving as a cultural bridge between the geographically distant nations of Japan and Mexico.

Inspired by the upcycling of decanters, the display draws inspiration from raden (traditional Japanese inlay technique) in its design.

Furthermore, for the current decorations, Clase Azul has upcycled its decanters. While Clase Azul decanters can be enjoyed as artistic pieces even after consumption, the reality is that as more people indulge, a surplus of decanters is generated, leading to inevitable disposal. In an effort to find a solution, the decanters were crushed and, through experimentation, the idea of upcycling emerged. Taking inspiration from the traditional Japanese craft of raden (inlay technique), the decanters were transformed into a new form of art. The display, reminiscent of raden, reflects the gas lamp's light, creating a shimmering effect and elevating the ambiance within the room, enhancing the overall experience.

Cocktail Events featuring Guest Bartenders!

Since the opening of this VIP room in September last year, Clase Azul has been regularly hosting Clase Azul Cocktail Nights, inviting renowned bartenders. In September 2023, Mr. Kiyosaki, the owner bartender of Bar LIBRE GINZA, graced the event, followed by Mr. Fukami, Corporate Bartender of HUGE Corporation, in December. These exclusive events allowed guests to savor Clase Azul cocktails while enjoying live music. The next event is scheduled for around March 2024.


VIP Room 'Room Azul' within the bar and jazz lounge 'Maduro' at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo offers a luxurious private space where the fusion of Mexican and Japanese traditional cultures can be enjoyed. Inside the room, the complete lineup of Clase Azul, featuring five types of tequila and two types of mezcal, is available. While contemplating the connection between Japanese and Mexican cultures, indulge in the finest quality tequila and mezcal.

Seating capacity: 6 seats

Reservation: If you wish to reserve the VIP room, please consult the venue for details.

【Maduro Overview】

A sophisticated bar and jazz lounge for adults, where you can also enjoy live music. Offering signature cocktails like the Mojito, which features an abundance of seasonal fruits, along with an extensive selection of champagne, wine, port wine, and more, expert bartenders craft a variety of cocktails. The whiskey room showcases a remarkable collection of rare labels, making it one of the premier selections in Tokyo. Welcoming you with artistic handmade reliefs and lamps flickering with gas flames.

Business Hours: 19:00 to 24:30 (Friday and Saturday until 25:30)

Closed: Sundays and Mondays *Subject to change

Inquiries: 03-4333-8783 (Direct line)

Address: 6-10-3 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032, Grand Hyatt Tokyo 4th Floor (Access via 6th Floor)


  • A music cover charge of 2,200 yen (tax included) will be applied.

【we+ (We Plus) Overview】

A contemporary design studio that shapes new perspectives and values through its unique expression methods rooted in research and experimentation. Founded in 2013 by Shinya Hayashi and Hoku Ando. The studio is affiliated with design galleries in Milan, London, and other locations, presenting works both domestically and internationally. In addition to commission work, including installations, branding, and product and visual development, they have recently focused on creating products using materials such as recycled expanded polystyrene and unused seaweed. The studio has received numerous awards, including the Good Design Award and the Japan Spatial Design Award.

【Clase Azul - Overview】

Clase Azul is the first luxury brand in Mexico that communicates the beauty and true value of Mexican tradition through the art of Tequila and Mezcal, enriching lifestyles worldwide. Committed to preserving traditional methods despite the prevalence of mechanization in providing high-quality craft Tequila, the brand emphasizes the importance of maintaining longstanding traditional production techniques. The eye-catching decanters feature handmade designs, from ceramic shaping to painting, with many staff members involved in production being women from the local community.

Company Name: Clase Azul Asia Co., Ltd.

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