Bar LIBRE GINZA's owner bartender, Mr. Kiyosaki, will be joining us for a one-night-only Crasea Soirée Cocktail Night on September 19th, held at the Bar & Jazz Lounge 'Maduro' within the Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

A special guest shift where Mr. Kiyosaki, who has experience winning in world championships, collaborates with Crasea Soir.

Clase Azul Asia Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Michael Chan, hereinafter referred to as 'Crasea Soir'), will host a one-night-only Crasea Soir Cocktail Night on September 19th (Tuesday), featuring Mr. Yujiro Kiyosaki, who has experience winning in cocktail world championships, as a guest. The event will take place at the Bar & Jazz Lounge 'Maduro' within the Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

At this event commemorating the opening of the VIP room 'Room Azul' within the Bar & Jazz Lounge 'Maduro' at Grand Hyatt Tokyo, four cocktails inspired by Mr. Kiyosaki's interpretation of Mexico will be offered, featuring Crasea Soir Tequila as the base. Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy these Crasea Soir cocktails, conceptualized by Mr. Kiyosaki with a Mexican resort theme.

Using Crasea Soir Tequila Plata and Crasea Soir Tequila Reposado as luxurious cocktail bases, the cocktails created by Mr. Kiyosaki's creative thinking offer a unique taste that combines delicacy and dynamism.

・Crasea Soir Cocktail Night

Date and Time: September 19, 2023 (Tuesday), Opens at 7:00 PM, Last Order at 11:00 PM (Until Sold Out)

Featured Cocktails:

  1. Mexico Rico A luxurious cocktail to enjoy before your meal, inspired by the richness of Mexico.

  2. Laboratory Margarita A Margarita inspired by the clear waters of a resort.

  3. C x 4 A cocktail that evokes the resort's sunset with its red hue.

  4. Tribute Blue A cocktail expressing the last memories of the journey with passion.

Crasea Soir plans to host events like private tastings and cocktail nights featuring renowned guest bartenders on a regular basis, starting with this event. These events will allow attendees to experience the world of Crasea Soir.

・Mr. Yujiro Kiyosaki

Mr. Yujiro Kiyosaki is a prominent bartender who has gained recognition both in Japan and internationally as a bar consultant and instructor. He has accumulated experience in various bars and, in 2011, ventured independently to open 'Bar LIBRE' in Ikebukuro. In subsequent years, he continued to expand his portfolio by opening 'NoLIMIT,' a members-only bar in 2021, and 'Bar LIBRE Ginza' in the Ginza district in 2022. Mr. Kiyosaki has a remarkable history of winning several awards in cocktail competitions.

Cocktail Competition Achievements:

  • Winner of the "Bacardi Martini Grand Prix World Championship 2008" with participation in the global competition held in Turin, Italy.
  • Finalist and winner in the Signature category of the "Diageo World Class 2015 Japan Competition."
  • Represented Japan in the "Hennessy Mixology Competition" held in France in 2015 and emerged victorious in the global competition.

■ Room Azul

This VIP room, opened on September 1st (Friday), operates under the theme 'Clase Azul Mexico meets Japan.' Here, you can indulge in the fusion of Mexican and Japanese cultures within the refined ambiance of Crasea Soir craftsmanship and MADURO. The interior is adorned with Minowashi, a traditional Japanese craft paper, which, with its delicate and distinctive texture, complements the warmth of Crasea Soir decanters meticulously crafted by traditional Mexican methods. In addition, within this room, you can enjoy the full lineup of Crasea Soir, including five types of tequila and two types of mezcal.

【Overview of MADURO】

A chic bar and jazz lounge for adults where you can also enjoy live music. We offer a variety of cocktails crafted by experienced bartenders, including signature cocktails like the Mojito, which incorporates seasonal fruits. We also have a wide selection of champagne, wine, port wine, and more. In addition, our whiskey room features rare labels, boasting one of the finest selections in Tokyo. You'll be welcomed by artistic handmade reliefs and flickering gas lamps.

Business Hours: 19:00 - 24:30 (Friday and Saturday until 25:30)

Regular Closure: None on Sundays and Mondays (*Subject to change)

Contact: 03-4333-8783 (Direct)

Address: 4th floor (Accessible via 6th floor), Grand Hyatt Tokyo, 6-10-3 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032


【About Crasea Soir

Crasea Soir is Mexico's first luxury brand that conveys the beauty and true essence of Mexican culture and tradition through the art of tequila and mezcal. Committed to preserving traditional methods that have been passed down for years, we prioritize delivering high-quality craft tequila. Despite the prevalence of mechanization in the industry today, we continue to honor these time-honored practices.

Our eye-catching decanters feature handcrafted designs, from pottery shaping to painting, and many of the staff involved in their production are members of the local community, primarily women.

Company Overview

Company Name: Clase Azul Asia Co., Ltd.

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