Craft Gin 'COFFEE ÉTHIQUE' 5th Batch, Born from Coffee Grounds, Now Available for Sale

Experience the Flavor of Fruit Resembling Cassis, Utilizing the Residue of LIGHT UP COFFEE's Specialty Coffee 'Kimandi' from Kenya as Botanicals

Pursuing a Distillation Platform for Circular Economy, Ethical Spirits Co., Ltd. (English: The Ethical Spirits & Co.), a distillery venture engaged in the production of craft gin using discarded materials and operating regenerative distilleries, headquartered in Taito-ku, Tokyo and led by CEO Yuya Yamamoto, has commenced the sale of the 5th batch of their craft gin 'COFFEE ÉTHIQUE', born from coffee grounds. Starting from July 26th, the product is available through their official online shop, the Ethical Spirits Official Store on the 1st floor of Tokyo Riverside Distillery in Kameido, the 2nd floor bar and dining establishment 'Stage by The Ethical Spirits & Co.', as well as various restaurants, liquor stores, and supermarkets.

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・The 5th Batch of 'COFFEE ÉTHIQUE', Born from the Residue of LIGHT UP COFFEE's Single-Origin Coffee 'Kimandi'

The 'COFFEE ÉTHIQUE' Ethical Craft Gin Series, crafted using the leftover coffee grounds from espresso extraction and sake lees that have been discarded during the sake-making process. This popular series from Ethical Spirits includes the 1st batch, which was awarded a Silver Medal at the IWSC 2022 upon its debut.

LIGHT UP COFFEE Shimokitazawa Store

All the coffee grounds used are sourced from the specialty coffee shop 'LIGHT UP COFFEE', which has its stores in Kichijoji and Shimokitazawa. Yuma Kawano, the owner, carefully selects different single-origin coffees for each batch.

Yuma Kawano, Owner of LIGHT UP COFFEE, at a Coffee Farm in Bali

In this 5th batch of 'COFFEE ÉTHIQUE', the coffee grounds from Kenyan coffee 'Kimandi' were used.

In terms of coffee, the unique cassis-like flavor of 'Kimandi', characterized by its complex fruity notes of pink grapefruit, cassis, and plum, along with a smooth texture, was delicately retained. Blending harmoniously with the tropical essence typical of distilled sake lees, this craft gin captures a perfect summertime essence.

Furthermore, the 5th batch of 'COFFEE ÉTHIQUE' incorporates a greater amount of coffee grounds in the distillation process, intensifying the rich coffee aroma. Enjoy the unique flavor of 'Kimandi' with a soda mixer.

About 'Kimandi' / LIGHT UP COFFEE:

・Overview of 'COFFEE ÉTHIQUE' 5th Batch Product

Product Name: 'COFFEE ÉTHIQUE' 5th batch

Category: Spirits (Gin)

Alcohol Content: 46%

Container: 375ml Bottle

Botanicals: Juniper Berry, Coffee Grounds

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・As a novel way to utilize coffee grounds

At LIGHT UP COFFEE, we source 'single-origin' coffees, where each coffee is procured separately based on the producer, variety, and processing method. This approach ensures that fair compensation reaches the producers in accordance with the quality of their product. We use the residual coffee grounds remaining after espresso extraction from naturally processed coffee. These grounds are then added during distillation along with juniper berries to produce a uniquely flavorful gin.

Visiting a Coffee Farm: Yuma Kawano, Owner of LIGHT UP COFFEE

Coffee grounds, typically discarded at coffee shops, retain distinct aromas that allow us to perceive the individuality and differences of each bean clearly. However, finding effective uses for coffee grounds remains a challenge, as their potential remains largely untapped.

Moreover, in the realm of craft gin made with coffee, many products tend to use pre-extraction powder or extracts, or heavily roasted beans to achieve a smoky profile. The use of lightly roasted single-origin coffee grounds, as an ingredient for coffee gin, marks a pioneering endeavor.


With the concept of 'Brightening Life with Coffee,' LIGHT UP COFFEE is a specialty coffee shop that roasts its own beans to showcase the allure of specialty coffee. Operating in three locations - Kichijoji, Shimokitazawa, and Shibuya - the shop serves coffee drinks and sells coffee beans sourced directly from origins. The products developed by LIGHT UP COFFEE are available in-store and through their online shop.

Yuma Kawano, the owner, was captivated by the charm of coffee after winning the national latte art competition during his time working part-time at a café. This victory acted as a catalyst, drawing him into the allure of coffee. Subsequently, during his travels to coffee shops around the world, encounters with delicate Ethiopian coffee in places like Northern Europe and London left a profound impact on him. Driven by the desire to introduce Japanese coffee enthusiasts to the world of fruity coffee, he founded LIGHT UP COFFEE.


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・LIGHT UP COFFEE Kichijoji 4-13-15 Kichijoji Honcho, Musashino City, Tokyo (7-minute walk from JR Chuo Line Kichijoji Station)

・LIGHT UP COFFEE Shimokitazawa 2-29-12 Daizawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo (2-minute walk from Odakyu Line Setagaya-Daita Station)