Courtyard by Marriott Shin-Osaka Station is launching an enchanting and alluring cocktail called "FASCINATION NIGHT" to spice up Halloween night.


Enjoy two types of cocktails at the hotel bar. Period: From October 1, 2023 (Sunday) to October 31, 2023 (Tuesday). Location: 19th floor of the hotel, "Bar19."

Courtyard by Marriott Shin-Osaka Station (Located in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture; General Manager: Noriko Kimura) will be offering the Halloween-themed cocktail "FASCINATION NIGHT" at "Bar19," the hotel's top-floor (19th floor) bar, from October 1, 2023 (Sunday) to October 31, 2023 (Tuesday).

On Halloween night, we have prepared innovative and whimsical cocktails that evoke the magical potions concocted by witches in their laboratories. "CREEPY EYE" is a cocktail that, when poured into a glass filled with white cotton candy, reveals a creepy "eyeball" staring back at you. Despite the unsettling appearance that makes it feel like you're being watched by a witch from inside the glass, it is crafted with an orange base that makes you want to keep sipping. Enjoy it with the jelly eyeball garnish.

"UNCANNY CHANGE" comes in a flask with alcohol that mimics the witch's blood and includes a touch of smoke, creating an eerie cocktail that seems to echo with the witch's mysterious incantations. When you pour it slowly into your glass, you can also savor the dramatic smoky presentation. Indulge in the complex flavors of cranberry juice's sweet-tartness and the unique bitterness of brandy, perfect for adult palates.

On Halloween night, indulge in a mesmerizing and enchanting moment as you're bewitched by the bartender's playful and mysteriously alluring cocktails.

About the Limited-time Cocktail "FASCINATION NIGHT"

Experience a high-quality adult Halloween at the hotel bar. Enjoy a bewitching drink with the bartender's creative touch, all while taking in the mesmerizing Osaka night skyline.



Passoa,Orange juice,Cointreau,And more



Brandy,Cranberry juice,And other ingredients




時間:平日 17:00~22:30 ラストオーダー、土・日曜日、祝日 14:00~22:30 ラストオーダー







コートヤード・バイ・マリオット 新大阪ステーション Bar19

TEL:06-6350-5701 URL:

Interior of Bar19

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