Craft Wonder, a premium alcohol brand produced by Japanese craft sake brewers, has launched. The first release is a blissful beer in a new genre called "After Dinner Beer," available starting May 17th (Friday).

Small Giants Studio, Inc.May 17, 2024, 1:00 PM

We have prepared two types of blissful beers that defy the concept of beer and add color to post-dinner experiences.

Small Giants Studio, Inc. (Located in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Hiroaki Nakagawa) will launch "CRAFT WONDER," a free-spirited and premium alcohol brand created in collaboration with various craft sake brewers in Japan, on May 17, 2024. The products will be available for sale on the official online store The inaugural lineup includes "Barrel Wonder Amber Ale No.001," an exquisite beer aged in Mizunara whisky barrels, and "Eisbock Wonder No.001," a luxurious beer crafted using a freezing technique to intensify its flavor, offering a delightful twist to the concept of beer.


CRAFT WONDER is a free-spirited and premium alcohol brand that collaborates with various small and medium-sized sake breweries nationwide. By welcoming these small breweries as manufacturing partners, we leverage their hidden expertise and dedication to develop and expand a diverse range of alcohol products.

■ Background of CRAFT WONDER Launch

Highlighting Japan's Craft Sake Brewing

Through various opportunities and connections over the years, we have had the chance to work with numerous sake breweries. Among them are those who, although not widely known, continue to pursue the art of sake-making with exceptional skill and passion. Encountering flavors and aromas previously unexperienced, we have harbored a desire to change the situation where such value remains unrecognized.

The high level of technical prowess preserved within history and tradition, the relentless passion for creating new value, and an unwavering dedication to excellence. We promise to transform these charms into products that exceed expectations, delivering moments of joy to our customers.

<Brand Concept>

Crafting Moments of Joy - WONDER - with Care.

Two Exquisite Beers as the Debut Products

As the inaugural lineup, we are releasing two blissful beers in a new genre called "After Dinner Beer."

Enjoying it while nibbling on meltingly tender prosciutto. Leisurely savoring it with a handful of nuts while chatting with friends. Taking a bite of her sweet dessert and immersing in the deep aftertaste.

Despite its richness, its light and airy texture creates a delightful post-dinner experience. These beers defy the conventional concept of beer, creating products that evoke moments of pure joy after a meal.

Barrel Wonder Amber Ale No.001 

An Exquisite Beer Aged in Mizunara Whisky Barrels for 5 Months

This beer is an exquisite creation aged in Mizunara whisky barrels for five months. The highly sought-after and rare Mizunara barrels, typically used for whisky aging, were utilized in the beer aging process. We are particular about selecting the Mizunara wood from our unique sources, and we manage the condition of the barrels entirely in-house, determining their suitability for use. This meticulous process allows us to achieve flavors and aromas that are difficult to attain with barrels sourced through conventional means.

An Exquisite Beer Aged in Mizunara Whisky Barrels

This beer is an amber ale, characterized by the bitterness and aroma derived from hops. It is brewed using one and a half times the usual amount of malt, creating a beer of luxurious richness. This beer is then aged for five months in barrels made from Japanese oak, known as Mizunara whisky barrels, resulting in a barrel-aged beer.


Aged in Mizunara whisky barrels for five months, this amber ale offers a rich flavor with a lightness and lingering finish reminiscent of a fruit pound cake. Its complexity is further deepened by hints of citrus and cocoa bitterness, intertwined with the nuanced essence of Mizunara, creating a profound and intricate aroma.

Ways to Enjoy

You can enjoy it chilled for a refreshing taste, where the cold enhances its crispness, or at around 10°C to fully appreciate its rich aroma. Its versatility extends to pairing with dishes featuring spices, as well as flavorful foods like raw chocolate or charcuterie.

<Product Overview>
Product Name: Barrel Wonder Amber Ale No.001
Volume: 370ml
Ingredients: Malt (foreign-made), Hops
Alcohol Content: 10%
Price: ¥1,760 (tax included)
Release Date: May 17, 2024
Retailer: Official Online Store: [](

Eisbock Wonder No.001

Born through a process known as Eisbock, which utilizes the ice bock method to extract alcohol by exploiting differences in melting points, resulting in a condensed flavor, this beer stands as a luxurious marvel.

The beer is frozen in tanks at -20°C, then the condensed portion is meticulously extracted drop by drop in a temperature-controlled freezer set to 0°C. This process takes several days of freezing the beer and extracting the essence, with constant human supervision throughout. Indeed, it is crafted with the time and effort befitting its reputation as a "phantom beer."

Born from a freezing technique that condenses its flavor, this beer is hailed as a luxurious marvel.

Originating in Southern Germany, the Eisbock brewing method involves freezing the beer in tanks entirely. By leveraging the fact that the extract melts faster than water, only the concentrated portion is painstakingly extracted drop by drop, slowly condensing its flavor. Due to the complexity of this manufacturing process, it is often referred to as the "phantom beer."


Developed over a year, this beer features a unique brewing process using one and a half times the usual amount of malt. It combines a richness and intensity not found in conventional beers, with a fruity sweetness, while maintaining a light and smooth drinkability. It's an exquisite brew with a rich malt aroma, intensified by the condensed malt, and a luxurious, pleasant scent with hints of citrus adding a fruity nuance.

Ways to Enjoy

You can enjoy it chilled for a fruity taste, where the cold enhances its fruity notes, or at around 10°C for a refreshing sip with an intensified aroma. The difference in temperature offers varied enjoyment. It pairs well with a variety of dishes, but it particularly complements flavorful foods and desserts like nuts, ice cream, and traditional Japanese sweets.

<Product Overview>
Product Name: Eisbock Wonder No.001
Volume: 370ml
Ingredients: Malt (foreign-made), Hops
Alcohol Content: 10%
Price: ¥2,530 (tax included)
Release Date: May 17, 2024
Retailer: Official Online Store: [](
Introduction of Brewing Partner: Niigata Beer

Niigata Beer

Dedicated to Exquisite Taste, a Pioneer in Craft Beer

Established in 1997, Niigata Sake is a pioneer in the authentic craft beer industry. It obtained Japan's first license for "bottle fermentation and bottle aging," and since then, it has produced over 100 varieties of beer. Despite not riding the waves of trends since its inception, the brewery remains steadfast in its belief that truly delicious beer can be enjoyed at room temperature and becomes even more flavorful when chilled.

Niigata Sake's deeply flavorful beers, crafted with live yeast, have garnered attention not only domestically but also globally, showcasing the brewery's innovation within the traditional craft beer industry.

About Small Giants Studio, Inc.

Small Giants Studio, Inc. is dedicated to the mission of creating as many "small giants" as possible from Japan. They focus on developing the high value of businesses and brands from small-scale enterprises with expertise and passion in various fields such as alcoholic beverages, food and agriculture, and traditional crafts, aiming to generate sustainable revenue and profits through their business production services.

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