Six bartenders discovered ingredients from all over the country on their journey and created new cocktails with Dewar's 15-Year in the 'Dewar's Discovery Session 2023' bar event.

Starting from November 3rd, new cocktails will be available at six bars in the city! Additionally, there will be a one-day event where bartenders will discuss the behind-the-scenes of cocktail creation.

Bacardi Japan Co., Ltd. (President, Toshinori Higashi) imports Dewar's, a Scotch whisky brand, and Sapporo Beer Co., Ltd. (President, Hiroyuki Nose) sells it. Dewar's, under the global campaign 'Always With Curiosity,' has been providing users with new discoveries. Since October, in collaboration with six skilled bartenders closely associated with Dewar's, the brand has been implementing the collaborative project 'Dewar’s Discovery Session 2023.' This project is based on encounters with ingredients from various regions across the country and their producers, using them as inspiration to create unprecedented cocktails with Dewar's 15-Year as the base.

During the period from November 3rd (Friday) to December 14th (Thursday), the newly created cocktails from this project will be available at six bars in Tokyo run by the participating bartenders. Over the duration, these six bars will rotate, with each bar offering one newly crafted cocktail for approximately one week. Additionally, each bar will hold a one-day exclusive talk event. Attendees can explore the behind-the-scenes of the creation of these new cocktails by the bartenders, taste the new cocktails, Dewar's 15-Year, and the premium line Double Double 21-Year, and enjoy the world of Dewar's.

Please note that participation in the talk event requires advance purchase tickets. Tickets for the event can be purchased in advance on the 'Dewar's Discovery Session 2023' special website. (Note: In case of high demand, there will be a lottery for ticket allocation.)

Dewar's Discovery Session 2023" Special Site:

■ Overview of "Dewar's Discovery Session 2023" - Embarking on a Journey of New Discoveries

This project partners with six highly skilled bartenders closely associated with Dewar's to create original cocktails based on Dewar's 15-Year. The theme of this project is "Discovery." These six bartenders set out on a journey across various regions in Japan driven by their curiosity, seeking ingredients. Inspired by the ingredients they encounter and the producers and origins of these ingredients, they delve into exploring the world and allure of Scotch whisky

■ Overview of the Bar Event

Each of the six bartenders who participated in this project will present their newly crafted cocktails at their respective six bars for you to enjoy. Throughout the designated period, one bar at a time will offer their newly created cocktail for approximately one week. By visiting the six bars across Tokyo along with Dewar's, you'll have the opportunity to taste all six types of new cocktails. Additionally, each bar will host a one-day exclusive talk event.

■ Overview of Each Bar's One-Day Exclusive Talk Event

At each bar, we will conduct a one-day exclusive talk event with a ticket purchase requirement. The bartender responsible for creating the unique cocktail at each bar will be present, offering the newly crafted cocktail, based on Dewar's 15-Year and the premium line Double Double 21-Year. The bartenders will share their passionate thoughts about the cocktails and insights into the creative process. Additionally, representatives from Bacardi will provide insights into Dewar's. For those who wish to immerse themselves more deeply in understanding and experiencing these cocktails, this event is an excellent opportunity. Please purchase event participation tickets in advance on the "Dewar's Discovery Session 2023" special site. (Note: Participation fee is inclusive of tax, priced at 3000 yen. In case of high demand, there will be a lottery for ticket allocation.)

"Dewar's Discovery Session 2023" Special Site:

■ Bar Event Details

・Event Period: November 3rd (Friday) to December 14th (Thursday)

① "TIGRATO" (AS Building, 13-6 Rokubancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

・Cocktail Availability: November 3rd (Friday) to November 9th (Thursday)
・Exclusive Event Date & Time: November 3rd (Friday) from 7:00 PM
・Bartender: Yusuke Takamiya
・New Cocktail Name: "Craftsman’s hands"
・Ingredients Used and Producers: Bonito flakes from "Taikou" (Produced in Kagoshima Prefecture)

② "Unknown" (3-25-3 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
・Cocktail Availability: November 10th (Friday) to November 16th (Thursday)
・Exclusive Event Date & Time: November 10th (Friday) at 7:00 PM
・Bartender: Fumitake Oba
・New Cocktail Name: "Crystal Cow"
・Ingredients Used and Producers: Yogurt from "Crukfields" (Produced in Chiba Prefecture)

③ "THE BELLWOOD" (41-3 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
・Cocktail Availability: November 17th (Friday) to November 23rd (Thursday)
・Exclusive Event Date & Time: November 21st (Tuesday) at 7:00 PM
・Bartender: Yumi Yoshino
・New Cocktail Name: "GOLD ’N’ BUZZ"
・Ingredients Used and Producers: Honey from "hasune farm" (Produced in Tokyo)

④ "Quarter Room" (nakahara-sou B1, 5-10-7 Daikyo, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)
・Cocktail Availability: November 24th (Friday) to November 30th (Thursday)
・Exclusive Event Date & Time: November 24th (Friday) at 7:00 PM
・Bartender: Soruto Nomura
・New Cocktail Name: "THE GOLDEN AGE"
・Ingredients Used and Producers: Mushrooms from "Ihara Kinoko House" (Produced in Hiroshima Prefecture)

⑤ "LIQUID FACTORY" (SALON Shibuya 1F, 42-12 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
・Cocktail Availability: December 1st (Friday) to December 7th (Thursday)
・Exclusive Event Date & Time: December 3rd (Sunday) at 5:30 PM
・Bartender: Keita Saito
・New Cocktail Name: "VERMILION SANDS"
・Ingredients Used and Producers: Saffron from "Akaito" (Produced in Saga Prefecture)

⑥ "BAR RAGE AOYAMA" (7-13-13 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
・Cocktail Availability: December 8th (Friday) to December 14th (Thursday)
・Exclusive Event Date & Time: December 8th (Friday) at 7:00 PM
・Bartender: Atsushi Nakamura
・New Cocktail Name: "Open a New Road"
・Ingredients Used and Producers: Apples from "Ono Farm" (Produced in Fukushima Prefecture)

■ About Dewar's

Since its inception in 1846 in Scotland, Scotch whisky has been cherished and loved worldwide for over 170 years. Dewar's, created by founder John Dewar, is renowned for its "rich aroma and an incredibly smooth taste, thanks to the double-ageing process." Founded on his sons' "innovative ideas and unwavering beliefs," Dewar's has become a globally recognized whisky brand.

This Scotch whisky is distinguished by a sweet and opulent aroma, created by blending over 40 different spirits, primarily centered around the 15-year-aged Aberfeldy. Its notable feature lies in the "double-ageing process," resulting in an incredibly smooth taste that extends to the very core of the drink.

Product Overview: "Dewar's Double Double 21-Year"

It offers a depth of flavor that harmonizes sweetness and complexity, achieved through the "4-stage aging process," providing the utmost silk-like smoothness in Dewar's history.