On April 5th (Friday), a new cocktail menu, "Once Upon a Future," will be introduced at Gold Bar at EDITION Tokyo Toranomon.

Inspired by the golden era of classic cocktails in pre-Prohibition America, Tokyo Edition Toranomon's intimate and charming cocktail bar, "Gold Bar at EDITION," will unveil a new menu called "Once Upon a Future."

In just over a year since its opening, Gold Bar at EDITION earned the 56th spot in Asia's 50 Best Bars 2023, and its menu "Two Faces" secured a spot in the top three for The World's 50 Best Bars 2023's "Siete Misterios Best Cocktail Menu Award." The eagerly awaited new menu explores the freedom to travel between the past and the future, offering an imaginative and playful experience.

"Japan's history has been vividly colored by rich culture, food, entertainment, and the towns surrounding them. Within, there are countless pleasures and stories that stimulate the senses. So, what lies ahead in the future...? Surely, it is filled with more excitement and fantasy than ever before."

"Once Upon a Future" is a beautiful contrast between the past and future envisioned by Gold Bar. Experience the innovative cocktails born from vibrant contrasts.

Led by Bar Director Hideyuki Saito, the bartenders at Gold Bar at EDITION will express seven themes comparing the past and the future through 14 carefully crafted cocktails.

Yaki Tokyo Banana / Baked Tokyo Banana - 2,600 yen

This cocktail was born from the idea of what it would taste like if Tokyo's famous confection, Tokyo Banana, were baked. It features a wild taste with the fragrance of burnt butter and is accompanied by a hint of Tiramisu-flavored salt.

Cumin & Mango Nigiri - 2,600 yen

With different cultures come different approaches to sushi. This sushi cocktail, finished with spices and tropical fruits, offers a smooth texture and a somehow addictive taste.

Mars Attack Paloma - 2,600 yen

A classic tequila cocktail, Paloma, crafted by Martians who seem to have an inexplicable love for pepper. The spiciness becomes addictively sharp, complemented by aromatic seed spices.

Unreal Midori Sawa - 2,600 yen

A delicious cocktail made with Japanese melon that deviates significantly from the classic Midori Sawa, it's as if you're sipping it in a disco in an unreal world.

Metropolitan - 2,900 yen

This cocktail reminiscent of the classic disco cocktail, the Cosmopolitan, not only evokes a fruity sensation but also wraps around a complexity that exudes allure. Served with yuzu chocolate.

(All prices include consumption tax and service charge.)

In the menu, a mechanism where the text emerges under black light, a continuation from "Two Faces," is hidden. The background stories of the seven themes are illustrated by tattoo artist Haruka Sasaki. The menu design for this occasion reflects even more dedication, expanding the joy of choosing cocktails.

Tokyo Edition Toranomon maintains a delicate balance between the sophisticated elegance inherent in Japanese culture, style, and tradition, a simple and pure approach, and the passion, emotions, and sophistication of "EDITION." The desire to constantly break new ground and create something entirely unprecedented is evident throughout, creating a delicate harmony. The synergistic effect of this elegance, simplicity, and breaking of conventions is a common thread across all restaurants and bars at Tokyo Edition Toranomon, with Gold Bar at EDITION, the signature cocktail bar, being the epitome.

Indulge in the innovative concept cocktails crafted by Gold Bar at EDITION and experience the unique blend of elegance, simplicity, and style that defines Tokyo Edition Toranomon.

Gold Bar at EDITION

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