The ethical gin "LAST ELYSIUM" wins the gold medal at one of the world's largest competitions, IWSC 2024.

Ethical Spirits Co., Ltd. June 3, 2024, 10:00 AM

Ethical Spirits Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo; hereafter "Ethical Spirits"), which distills and sells ethical gin using unused materials such as sake lees that were destined to be discarded, is proud to announce that its signature gin, "LAST ELYSIUM," has won the gold medal at the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) 2024.

To celebrate this achievement, Ethical Spirits will be offering a 15% discount on all sizes of "LAST ELYSIUM" for one week starting today until June 9 at 11:59 PM. The discount is available exclusively at the official store attached to the Tokyo Riverside Distillery, Bar & Dining "Stage," and the official online shop. We invite you to take this opportunity to enjoy the taste that has been recognized worldwide.

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・The gold medal-winning "LAST ELYSIUM"

Ethical gin "LAST ELYSIUM" is distilled using base spirits made from sake lees shochu from Amabuki Shuzo, combined with botanicals such as three types of citrus, including orange and lemon, and ginger leaves that were destined to be discarded. Focusing on the rich aroma of sake lees, Ethical Spirits released "LAST ELYSIUM," the third installment in their signature gin brand "LAST," in January 2024.

By using aromatic and flavorful sake lees shochu as the base spirit, "LAST ELYSIUM" maintains the multi-layered fragrance characteristic of the "LAST" series while constructing its botanicals around juniper berries. This makes "LAST ELYSIUM" the most classical gin in the "LAST" series.

The name "ELYSIUM," which translates to "paradise," expresses a moment of tranquility. Enjoy a soothing drink with the fruity pear-like aroma of Amabuki Shuzo's sake lees shochu and the fresh, invigorating scents of ginger leaves and three types of citrus.

  • Product Name: "LAST ELYSIUM"
  • Category: Spirits (Gin)
  • Volume: 200ml, 375ml, 700ml
  • Alcohol Content: 42%
  • Botanicals: Juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, orris root, rosemary, grains of paradise, lemon peel, orange peel, shiikuwasha, chamomile, ginger leaves, kaffir lime leaves, hops, cubeb pepper, sansho pepper

・Ethical Spirits Chief Distilling Officer Ayumu Yamaguchi's Comment 

Upon receiving the news of the gold medal, I felt a mix of joy and relief. LAST ELYSIUM took nearly three years of planning and development, making it the most thoroughly considered gin we've ever created. We focused on how to seamlessly integrate the floral aroma of sake lees shochu into a gin, structuring the botanical composition and distillation methods accordingly. Centered around the juniper berry fragrance characteristic of gin, LAST ELYSIUM features a light and refreshing flavor profile created by 15 botanicals.

We hope you enjoy this gin, which balances a delightful taste with our commitment to using unused materials. Once again, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported us throughout this journey.

・About "IWSC 2024"

The IWSC, founded in London, UK in 1969, is one of the most influential spirits competitions in the world. Judges from around the world gather for each category, such as the "Spirits Division," to conduct blind tastings and evaluate quality and taste, ultimately selecting gold, silver, and bronze awards. As one of the international standards for evaluation, the results of its awards draw attention worldwide every year.

In addition to the gold medal for "LAST ELYSIUM," Ethical Spirits has also received awards for the following two products. "LAST ELEGANT" won the Supreme Gold Award at "IWSC 2021," and now, both "LAST" products have received gold medals.

LAST ELEGANT: Silver Medal:

CACAO ÉTHIQUE: Bronze Medal:

The world's first regenerative distillery, "Tokyo Riverside Distillery," is the third distillery within Tokyo and specializes in ethical production and consumption. As the world's first regenerative distillery dedicated to ethical production and consumption, "Tokyo Riverside Distillery" produces distilled spirits using various unused materials.

<1F Ethical Spirits Official Store> You can purchase craft gins developed by Ethical Spirits here. You can also enjoy explanations about the botanicals used and experience the "aroma" of the gins distilled so far.


<2F Bar&Dining Stage by Ethical Spirits>
Open as a Bar&Dining venue serving original cocktails made with Ethical Spirits' gins and food menus developed to complement each flavor profile.
・Ethical Spirits Co., Ltd.

In March 2020, Ethical Spirits began production and sales of its Ethical Gin "LAST" by re-distilling the "sake lees" generated at the end of the sake production process in Japan. The attention garnered was not only for its production method but also for its high praise in terms of aroma and taste. It received the highest national award at the World Gin Awards 2021 in the Gin category and the GOLD OUTSTANDING award at the prestigious UK "IWSC2021," being the only Japanese entry selected among the top nine products worldwide.

In May 2021, the world's first※1 regenerative distillery specializing in Ethical production and consumption, the "Tokyo Riverside Distillery," opened in Kuramae, Tokyo. Within the distillery, there is an official store and a bar dining area specializing in craft gin. In June of the same year, Ethical Spirits announced its challenge to produce and sell "WoodSpirits," a "wooden alcohol" based on research results pioneered by the National Institute of Forest Science, marking the first venture for a private company in this field. Simultaneously, it successfully raised ¥140 million in funding. In August 2022, it announced raising approximately ¥200 million in funding from Suntory Holdings and others. Ethical Spirits is making strides towards constructing new regenerative distilleries and further expanding overseas sales channels. Guided by the principle of "Starring the hidden gem," it aims to become a leading sustainable spirits brand worldwide.

※1 According to the company's research (as of September 2020)

Representative Director & CEO: Chikara Ono
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