At the Asia's largest distillate competition, "TWSC 2024," the "Tokyo Riverside Distillery" was awarded the "Best Japanese Craft Gin Distillery" title.

Ethical Spirits Co., Ltd. June 6, 2024, 6:00 PM

The "Best Japanese Craft Gin Distillery" award is a newly established category starting this year.

Ethical Spirits Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo / hereinafter referred to as Ethical Spirits), which distills and sells ethical gin using underutilized materials such as sake lees that were supposed to be discarded, was awarded the special prize of "Best Japanese Craft Gin Distillery" at the Asia's largest distillate competition, the Tokyo Whiskey & Spirits Competition 2024 (TWSC).

Selected by the TWSC Executive Committee, the "Best Distillery of the Year" award in the spirits category is given to the distillery that has shown the most outstanding performance in terms of craftsmanship, innovation, and relevance over the past year. Among these awards, the "Best Japanese Craft Gin Distillery" is a newly established category this year, and the "Tokyo Riverside Distillery" becomes the inaugural recipient.

Tokyo Riverside Distillery:
・The world's first regenerative distillery, "Tokyo Riverside Distillery."
In 2021, as the third urban distillery in Tokyo, the "Tokyo Riverside Distillery" was established in Kuramae, Taito-ku. Following Ethical Spirits' corporate message "Starring the hidden gem," the distillery engages in the production of distilled spirits, including gin, utilizing various underutilized materials such as sake lees, expired beer, cocoa husks, and coffee grounds that were supposed to be discarded.
At the IWSC 2024 announced three days ago, "LAST ELYSIUM," a signature gin that brings out the richness of sake lees, received a gold medal. This recognition not only acknowledges its sustainability efforts but also highlights its quality and deliciousness.
The building, with its juniper berry scent wafting through, houses an official store on the first floor and a Bar&Dining establishment called "Stage" on the second floor, where you can enjoy gin alongside delicious cuisine. It serves as a hub of sustainability, directly delivering products from the makers themselves.
・Tokyo Riverside Distillery Distillery Tours

We currently hold distillery tours at the Tokyo Riverside Distillery on the 1st Sunday of every month. Ethical Spirits' distillers and staff will guide you through the distillery and offer tastings of Ethical Gin "LAST" while introducing you to Ethical Spirits' distillation and gin-making process. Due to limited availability for each session, we recommend checking the reservation status promptly if you're interested. We look forward to welcoming you at the Tokyo Riverside Distillery in Kuramae, Tokyo.

For more details about the distillery tour, please visit:


"TWSC2024" is the Tokyo Whiskey & Spirits Competition, the only event in Japan dedicated to evaluating whiskies and spirits from around the world with the refined palates of Japanese judges. Organized by the TWSC Executive Committee, led by whiskey critic Mamoru Tsuchiya, the competition aims to showcase high-quality whiskies and spirits domestically and internationally, as well as cultivate the whiskey and spirits culture among consumers in Japan. Since its inception in 2019, TWSC2024, now in its 6th edition, featured a total of 832 entries, making it the largest competition of its kind in Asia.

・Ethical Spirits Co., Ltd.

In March 2020, we began producing and selling the craft gin "LAST" by re-distilling "sake lees," a byproduct typically discarded at the end of the sake production process. The attention garnered was not only for our production method but also for our achievements at prestigious competitions such as the "World Gin Awards 2021" where we received the top prize in the country category and the "IWSC2021" where we were awarded the GOLD OUTSTANDING, the highest award. We were the only Japanese entry selected among the top nine globally. In May 2021, we opened the world's first regenerative distillery specialized in ethical production and consumption, the "Tokyo Riverside Distillery," in Kuramae, Tokyo. The distillery includes an official store and a craft gin-focused bar and dining operated by ourselves. In June of the same year, we announced our challenge to productize and sell "WoodSpirits," a "wooden alcohol" based on research results pioneered by the National Institute of Forest Science, marking the first endeavor by a private company in this field. Simultaneously, we conducted a fundraising of 140 million yen. In August 2022, we announced fundraising of approximately 200 million yen from Suntory Holdings and others. We are advancing towards the construction of new regenerative distilleries and further expansion of overseas sales. With the philosophy of "Starring the hidden gem," we aim to become a leading sustainable spirits brand globally.

※1 Based on our own research (as of September 2020, as a regenerative distillery).

<Tokyo Riverside Distillery 1F Ethical Spirits Official Store>

You can purchase craft gins developed by Ethical Spirits here. You can also enjoy explanations about the botanicals used and experience the "aroma" of the gins we have distilled.


<Tokyo Riverside Distillery 2F Bar&Dining Stage by The Ethical Spirits>

Opened as a Bar&Dining establishment offering original cocktails made with Ethical Spirits' gins and food menus developed to complement each flavor.


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Established: 2020
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