Delve into 275 exquisite whiskies, from coveted classics to ultra-rare labels, that you'll want to try at least once! Explore thoroughly with the latest edition of 'The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Whisky: The More You Know, the Tastier It Gets!'

The latest edition of 'The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Whisky: The More You Know, the Tastier It Gets!', published in 2022, has arrived! Discover the allure of 275 carefully selected whiskies from around the world, including Japanese, Scotch, Irish, Bourbon, Tennessee, and more.

Gakken Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd. (located in Shinagawa, Tokyo, with Hiroaki Miyahara as President and Representative Director), will release the latest edition of "The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Whisky: The More You Know, the Tastier It Gets!" on March 22, 2024 (Friday).

The "The More You Know, the Tastier It Gets! Enjoying Alcohol" series by Gakken, featuring publications on "Whisky," "Wine," "Japanese Sake," "Craft Beer," "Lemon Sour," and more, has been consistently published. This time, the latest edition of the inaugural volume of the series, "The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Whisky: The More You Know, the Tastier It Gets!" has been released. (Located in Shinagawa, Tokyo, with Tetsu Goromaru as President and Representative Director).

Due to factors such as the popularization of highballs and inbound tourism demand, whisky popularity is on the rise in Japan. Whisky comes in various types, each offering a diverse range of drinking experiences. From classic Scotch single malts and blended whiskies to Irish, American, and Canadian varieties, the differences in origin alone offer a rich variety. Recently, Japanese whisky has garnered attention, and whisky production has become increasingly active in countries like Taiwan, India, and Australia as well.

This book provides easy-to-understand explanations of the types and brands of whisky for those who are interested in making whisky their hobby. At the same time, it visually introduces characteristics such as drinking methods and regional differences for those who want to delve deeper into whisky. From bottles you've always wanted to try to undiscovered gems, this book is a must-read for whisky enthusiasts.

By deepening your understanding of whisky, you're sure to encounter a favorite bottle. Whisky offers a variety of drinking styles, such as neat, on the rocks, with water, or in a highball, allowing enjoyment for people of all ages and genders, tailored to personal preferences in alcohol strength. Its versatility makes it a drink suitable for any occasion, and it pairs well with a wide range of dishes. Why not consider adding whisky to your cherry blossom viewing plans this year?

Reporting on the State of Suntory's Hakushu Distillery! Exploring the Secrets of its Popularity and Dedication

In our lead feature, we embark on a journey to the birthplace of the beloved single malt whisky "Hakushu" at the Suntory Hakushu Distillery. We delve into the facility nestled amidst nature and speak with the distillery manager, Tetsuya Arita, about its philosophy and his personal insights into whisky making.

Thoroughly Analyzing the Latest Data of All 275 Brands: Taste, Aroma, Availability, and Price

Introducing the 275 must-try whiskies categorized by region, including Japanese, Scotch, Irish, American, Canadian, and others. We dissect the allure from various angles, such as tasting notes like flavor and aroma, recommended drinking methods, availability, and pricing.

From whisky trivia to suggestions for enjoying whisky outdoors, our mini-columns are packed with content.

Our mini-columns cover a variety of topics, from suggestions for enjoying whisky outdoors by pouring it into a flask to the latest trends in canned highballs. We provide insights on diverse subjects, including the history of whisky, its production methods, how to read labels, storage techniques, and ways to enjoy whisky at bars. We've got you covered with essential whisky knowledge you'll want to know, spanning from historical anecdotes to practical tips for enthusiasts.

[Supervisor Profile]

Satoshi Kitamura

Director of BAR "Yoshu Hakubutsukan" (Liquor Museum). Executive Specialist at the NPO Professional Bartenders Organization. After serving as the Beverage Department Manager at Marunouchi Hotel, he worked as the Chief Bartender at the renowned Ginza bar "JBA BAR SUZUKI". He has won the Tokyo Cocktail Competition three years in a row, the National Bartenders Cocktail Contest Gold Award for three consecutive years, as well as the Scotch Whisky Cocktail Contest, and Governor's Award, among others. Leveraging his extensive knowledge and skills, he opened BAR "Yoshu Hakubutsukan" in 1997 upon becoming independent.

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Title: "The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Whisky: The More You Know, the Tastier It Gets! - Latest Edition" Supervisor: Satoshi Kitamura (BAR "Yoshu Hakubutsukan") Price: 990 yen (tax included) Release Date: March 22, 2024 (Friday) Format: A4 size / 96 pages E-book: Simultaneous release ISBN: 978-4-05-406985-5 Publisher: Gakken Co., Ltd. Gakken Publishing Website:

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Available at nationwide Seven-Eleven stores or select bookstores.

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