Holding a professional-oriented event where all 111 varieties of French liqueurs and syrups, including products not yet available in Japan, can be experienced at once.

An Opportunity to Experience 64 Varieties of Liqueurs and 47 Varieties of Syrups Together

With a history spanning 138 years, the renowned French liqueur and syrup maker, Giffard, is hosting an event titled 'GIFFARD 111 - Discover the Giffard You Never Knew' on September 4th and September 11th, 2023, in Tokyo and Osaka. This event offers a chance to experience the quality and diverse flavors of Giffard's products.

Catering to bartenders, restaurants, and professionals in the beverage industry, the event allows participants to sample a total of 111 flavors, including 64 types of liqueurs and 47 types of syrups. The event will also feature non-alcoholic cocktail offerings by brand ambassadors and a popular flavor voting activity by attendees.

Featuring numerous Giffard products, including items never before imported and those planned for future release, the aim is to provide attendees with the opportunity to savor Giffard's offerings. This, in turn, will help inspire the use of Giffard products in drink menus and cocktail creations.

Founded in 1885 in Angers, France, Giffard adheres to the philosophy 'The best ingredient is always flavor.' Since its inception, Giffard has remained committed to being 'Made in France,' utilizing carefully selected ingredients and traditional infusion techniques to create products that maximize the gifts of nature.

With the motto of contributing to drink culture, Giffard's diverse lineup has been exported to 80 countries worldwide, garnering support from bartenders and baristas around the globe.

This tasting event, where the quality and diversity of Giffard's products can be experienced through 111 different flavors, is being held for professionals in the food and beverage industry in both Tokyo and Osaka.

① Liqueurs: Giffard's complete lineup of 64 varieties, including unreleased products, will be showcased. A flavor popularity voting by attendees will be conducted, and flavors that rank high in popularity will be considered for future imports.

② Syrups: All 47 varieties, including flavors planned for future imports, will be introduced simultaneously. Additionally, original non-alcoholic cocktails devised by Giffard Japan Brand Ambassador Hidekazu Takeda will be provided.

③ For event attendees, you will receive a gift of your choice of four samples (50ml each) from the available released flavors. This allows you to take home flavors you haven't had a chance to try and utilize them for drink experimentation.

~ Event Overview ~

◆ Event Name: Giffard 111 - Discover the Giffard You Never Knew

◆ Date and Time:

Tokyo: September 4th (Monday) 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM Osaka: September 11th (Monday) 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

◆ Venues:

Tokyo: THE MUSIC BAR – CAVE SHIBUYA – Address: B1F LAIDOUT SHIBUYA, 1-15-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo URL: the-musicbar.jp

Osaka: C Terrace Address: 5F Knowledge Capital, Grand Front Osaka North Building, 3-1 Ofukacho, Kita-ku, Osaka URL: hdc.asahi.co.jp/cterrace

◆ Organized by:

• Courto Corporation • Unfilter Co., Ltd. • Ogawa Coffee Co., Ltd.

◆ Free Admission, Open Entry and Exit

※ Reservations are not mandatory, but prior booking is recommended. Reservation Form: forms.gle/vQ97WmTau2txXdGaA ※ Please bring your business card on the day of the event.

◆ Pre-Reservation Benefit: Receive a complimentary bottle of liqueur or syrup

※ You can choose your preferred product in the pre-reservation form. It will be given to you at the reception on the day of the event. Limited quantity, first come, first served.

◆ Attendee Benefit: Receive up to 4 samples of your favorite flavors

※ You can take home up to 4 samples of your favorite flavors among the available released flavors. Limited quantity, first come, first served.