A Step Towards a Sober-Curious Future. From Tokyo to the World, the New Era Flavor: "GINNIE"

Orchard Night Co., Ltd. June 5, 2024, 1:10 PM
The non-alcoholic gin "GINNIE," with recipes developed and supervised by the non-alcoholic cocktail specialty bar "Low-Non-Bar," is expanding its enjoyment with a new lineup: "GINNIE Cordial," now available.
GINNIE, conceptualized as "Tokyo Dry Gin," is a non-alcoholic gin infused with traditional London dry gin style and Japanese essence, aimed at offering a new choice for those who cannot or do not drink alcohol. It is designed to be enjoyed not only in Japan but also globally, catering to the growing demand for non-alcoholic options abroad. Our goal is to provide a new ingredient that allows creative restaurants and bars to freely innovate their drink menus.

What are the 3 Types of Cordials?

To expand the enjoyment of the non-alcoholic gin "GINNIE," three types of "GINNIE" cordials are being released. When combined with the non-alcoholic gin "GINNIE," they offer a more complex and luxurious flavor experience.

  1. Sake Extract and Hinoki (Japanese Cypress): This cordial layers the refined taste of carefully de-alcoholized sake with the refreshing aroma of hinoki. When sipped, the lingering essence of hinoki gradually unfolds in your mouth. This is a richly flavored product that stimulates both the taste buds and the sense of smell simultaneously.
  1. Soba Tea and Vanilla: This cordial combines the relaxing effects of soba tea with the aroma of vanilla, accented with orange flower. The pleasant bitterness of the soba blends with the sweetness of the vanilla, creating a calming, sophisticated flavor for adults.

  1. Shiso and Cardamom: This cordial features the familiar flavor of shiso, enhanced with a hint of spicy cardamom. The fresh harmony of shiso and cardamom creates a refreshing taste that is easy to drink.

Background of Product Development

The developer of "GINNIE," "N," often noticed that people who do not drink alcohol typically have only one or two soft drinks during social gatherings. Experiencing a lack of options firsthand after stopping alcohol consumption during pregnancy, N felt the need to create more enjoyable choices for non-drinkers. This inspired the collaboration with bartenders from Low-Non-Bar to develop a brand that allows non-drinkers to enjoy multiple drinks and have a good time.

Recipe Development and Supervision: Takahashi from LOW-NON-BAR Discusses the Passion Behind "GINNIE" Cordials

In recipe development, we prioritized using ingredients familiar to every Japanese person, but in surprising combinations. We aimed to create a sensory experience that delights in the contrast between anticipated and actual flavors. Initially, over six different recipes were created. Through repeated testing with both drinkers and non-drinkers, we narrowed it down to the three that received high praise from both groups.

We want non-drinkers to enjoy "GINNIE" from their first drink, and drinkers to turn to it as a refreshing option after a few alcoholic beverages, allowing everyone to share enjoyable moments together. "GINNIE" embodies the desire to open a new door, creating a unique space that is neither alcoholic nor a traditional soft drink, for both drinkers and non-drinkers to move between.

Cordial-Based Cocktail Recipe

GINNIE × GINNIE Cordial (any of the 3 types)

  1. Fill a glass with ice, and pour GINNIE and GINNIE Cordial in a ratio of 1 (15 ml) to 2 (30 ml).
  2. Stir gently to combine.
  3. Add 6 parts (90 ml) of soda water, pouring it carefully to avoid hitting the ice.
  4. Lift the ice gently up and down 1-2 times to mix. Garnish with fruit or herbs as desired.

The optimal glass size is 10-12 ounces (300-360 ml).

Tokyo Dry GINNIE (Ginnie) Cordial

Content: 300ml
Expiration Date: One year from the date of manufacture
Storage Instructions: Store away from direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity.
Distributor: TSUKURI DESIGN Co., Ltd.
2-25-12 Minami-machi, Kichijoji, Musashino-shi, Tokyo Pines Plaza 303
Manufacturer: Plum Foods Co., Ltd.
1474-1 Ikuma, Kamitonda-cho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture
Alcohol Content: 0.00% (0.0% for Sake Extract and Hinoki)
This product is intended for consumption by individuals aged 20 and over.
Storage After Opening: Refrigerate at 10°C or below and consume promptly.
Ingredients may coagulate and precipitate due to low temperature storage, but this does not affect quality.
Nutritional Information (per 100ml, estimated):

  • Energy (Sake Extract and Hinoki / Soba Tea and Vanilla / Shiso and Cardamom): 169/183/154 kcal
  • Protein: 0.1/0/0 g
  • Fat: 0/0/0 g
  • Carbohydrates: 42.4/45.7/39.0 g
  • Salt Equivalent: 0.01/0.07/0.00 g
    Suggested Retail Price: ¥2,200 (tax included)
    ¥2,400 (tax included) for Sake Extract and Hinoki

GINNIE Website: https://ginnie-tokyo.com/