Second Teaser Visual and First PV Released for 'Bartender: The Glass of God'!!

This is the story of a bartender who provides 'healing' for your heart.

Watching it will make you crave cocktails.

Taku Terashima Cast as Ryuu Sasakura! Main Characters and Voice Cast Revealed!

Based on the popular manga 'Bartender,' created by Araki Joh and illustrated by Ken Saji Nagatomo, which ran from 2004 to 2012 in both 'Super Jump' and 'Grand Jump' (both published by Shueisha) and boasts a circulation of 3.6 million copies (as of April 2023).

During its serialization, it was also adapted into various media, offering more than just a stimulating knowledge of bars and drinks; it delivered a heart-touching masterpiece of human drama unfolding in a bar. Now, as a completely new original anime series, 'Bartender: The Glass of God,' it is set to premiere in April 2024.

Today, we are excited to unveil new visuals and the first promotional video (PV) featuring animation for 'Bartender: The Glass of God!'

In the newly released second teaser visual, we catch a glimpse of the main character, Ryuu Sasakura, known as the "Glass of God" bartender, warmly welcoming customers from behind the counter.

In the first promotional video (PV), we not only see Sasakura but also the surrounding characters, and we witness Sasakura crafting cocktails with great passion. The video is designed to make you crave cocktails as you watch!

"Bartender: The Glass of God" PV Part 1

Furthermore, we have unveiled the visuals and cast for the main characters! Taku Terashima is playing the role of the protagonist, Ryuu Sasakura, and Aino Nanjou is taking on the role of Miwa Kurushima, who is entrusted with opening the hotel's counter bar. We have also introduced the bartenders who surround Sasakura!

As an original character for this project, Kelvin Chen, played by Shin Furukawa, has been announced! We have received comments from the cast as well!

Additionally, on September 21st (Thursday), Aino Nanjou, who portrays Miwa Kurushima, will appear as a guest judge at the "Suntory Cocktail Awards 2023" finals held at Suntory Hall Blue Rose.

[Suntory Cocktail Awards 2023 Official Website]

Furthermore, we have also confirmed the production collaboration with BIRDY, a renowned domestic bar tool manufacturer in Japan. We are also planning various collaborations, so please look forward to our future developments!

Main Cast Revealed!

▪️Ryuu Sasakura

Voiced by Taku Terashima


e won a cocktail contest in Europe and served as the chief bartender at a hotel in Paris, but due to certain circumstances, he returned to Japan and is now working as a bartender in Ginza.

Comment from Taku Terashima, who plays the role of Sasakura:

Through this work, I've had the opportunity to explore the world of bartenders and cocktails, which I wasn't very familiar with, and I'm immersing myself in its depth and richness every day. Please enjoy the numerous human dramas adorned by vibrant cocktails alongside beautiful animation. For those of legal drinking age, I encourage you to try the cocktails featured in the show after watching.

Taku Terashima Profile:

Born on December 20th, from Ishikawa Prefecture.

Notable Roles: Shiki Granbell in "EDENS ZERO," Jinji Sagawa in "AYAKA," Ittoki Otoya in the "Uta no☆Prince-sama♪" series.

▪️Miwa Kurushima

Voiced by Aino Nanjou

A colleague of Miwa who works at Hotel Cardinal. She has a cheerful and mischievous personality.

Comment from Haruka Shiraishi, who plays the role of Yukari:

Yukari is lively and incredibly sociable, making her easily get along with anyone. She's mischievous and cute! Portraying such a charming character gives me a lot of energy.

In this work, many wonderful aspects of bars and bartenders are depicted, so there's no doubt you'll want to go to a bar after watching it!

May this work become a source of comfort for your heart.

Haruka Shiraishi Profile:

Born on April 8th, from Tokyo.

Notable Roles: Ashiripa in "Golden Kamuy," Sara in "Jobless Reincarnation: I Will Seriously Try If I Go to Another World," Princess in "It's Time for 'Princess' Torture."

▪️Kyouko Kawakami

Voiced by Eriko Matsui

She works as an apprentice bartender at the Ginza bar "Bar Minami." Due to certain circumstances, she loses confidence in continuing her career as a bartender.

Comment from Eriko Matsui, who plays the role of Kyoko:

After reading the original work, I was captivated by the depth of the bartender profession and the human relationships portrayed in the story. Kyoko is a very human character who can honestly express her troubles and vulnerabilities at work, and she's truly wonderful. Watching the anime while enjoying a drink might be fun too. Thank you for your support!

Eriko Matsui Profile:

Born on March 8th, from Aichi Prefecture.

Notable Roles: Tokugawa Iemitsu in "The Great Oedo," Pope in "The Reincarnated Sage's Alternate World Life," Yumi Shiya in "Alice Gear Aegis Expansion," and more.

▪️Yuri Kinjo

Voiced by Ryoko Shiraishi

She works as a bartender at the "Hell's Arms" bar in Roppongi. She hails from Okinawa and has been a bartender for three years.

Comment from Ryoko Shiraishi, who plays the role of Yuri:

Yuri Kinjo is from Okinawa but primarily speaks standard Japanese, and I'm delighted to have the opportunity to meet her. I'm striving to portray her naturally, without putting too much emphasis on making her cool in a good way. With various dramas and different types of alcohol appearing in the series, I've become a bit interested in trying out some drinks at a bar. I can't wait for the broadcast!

Ryoko Shiraishi Profile:

Born on September 7th, from Nara Prefecture.

Notable Roles: Hayate Ayasaki in "Hayate the Combat Butler," Chocho Akimichi in "BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS," Rina Nishio in the "Fafner" series, and more.

▪️Kelvin Chen

Voiced by Makoto Furukawa

A young bartender who has come from Singapore to Japan.

Comment from Makoto Furukawa, who plays the role of Chen:

I'm Makoto Furukawa, and I'll be taking on the role of Kelvin Chen.

Kelvin is a character who doesn't appear in the original work, so every time I receive the script, I get to discover new facets of his character. I'm intrigued by him as he interacts with Sasakura and others and what he'll express. I hope you enjoy it in the animation. Thank you for your support.

Makoto Furukawa Profile:

Born on September 29th, from Kumamoto Prefecture.

Notable Roles: Kenichi Ryuzaki/Kencho in "Zombie Land Saga," Shadik Zenele in "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury," and Taiju Oki in "Dr. Stone."

Technical Supervision and Bar Consultation by Renowned Bartenders!

The technical supervision and bar consultation for this work are handled by renowned bartenders with championship experience in competitions, Mr. Akihiro Sakumuko (Sakumuko Bar) and Mr. Noriyuki Iguchi (Gaslight). Through their supervision, they aim to bring out the dedication and attention to detail in the portrayal of alcohol, bars, and bartender skills in this production.

Anime "Bartender: The Glass of God" Overview

Scheduled to air in April 2024!


Original Work: Araki Joh / Ken Saji Nagatomo's "Bartender" (Published by Shueisha)

Director: Ryoichi Kuratani

Series Composition: Mariko Kunisawa

Character Design & Chief Animation Director: Yoichi Ueda

Animation Production: Libre


Ryuu Sasakura: Taku Terashima

Miwa Kurushima: Aino Nanjou

Yukari Higuchi: Haruka Shiraishi

Kyouko Kawakami: Eriko Matsui

Yuri Kinjo: Ryoko Shiraishi

Kelvin Chen: Makoto Furukawa

And others

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About the Original Work, "Bartender":

Ryuu Sasakura, a young and genius bartender often referred to as the "Glass of God."

Returning from Paris, he begins working at a bar in Ginza, where a diverse array of customers with various circumstances and life stories come to visit.

The glass of cocktail he serves to them sometimes changes their lives, and other times, it provides just a bit of comfort to their hearts.

A stylish bar story for adults where alcohol and people weave a drama!

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