Glengrant, a single malt Scotch whisky with a history of 180 years, releases 'Glengrant Devotion 70 Years,' the longest-aged in the distillery's history.

Out of the seven decanters produced worldwide, one was auctioned at Sotheby's in the UK for $101,300 / £81,250 (approximately 15 million yen in Japanese yen), and one will be sold in Japan.

CT Spirits Japan (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tetsu Abe) will offer a limited sale of 'Glengrant Devotion 70 Years,' a single malt whisky aged for an extended period of 70 years.

The Devotion 70 Years draws inspiration from the distinguished reign of Queen Elizabeth II, paying homage to her 70-year devoted service to the nation and her profound affection (devotion) for nature.

The original spirit, filled into Oloroso sherry casks at the Glengrant distillery in 1953, displays an impressive deep chestnut hue, harmonizing rich barley sugar, ripe peaches, and the sweetness of honey, evoking floral aromas. Upon tasting, it unfolds with a wealth of dry fruits, raisins, sultanas (seedless white grapes), dry spices, and a subtle oak undertone.

The Devotion 70 Years is the culmination of the talents of Master Distiller Dennis Malcolm, award-winning craftsman John Galvin, and the glass master Brodie Nair from Glass Storm. Encased within hand-blown exquisite decanters, each of the seven bottles is truly unique, combining rarity and artistry.

Each of the seven decanters is adorned with engravings of flowers associated with various stages of the Queen's life. The decanter number 7, exclusively available in Japan, features a silver capsule crowned with Stephanotis, which was used in the Queen's coronation bouquet, symbolizing Scotland.

Crafted in a jewel-like decanter, it embodies a striking, nature-inspired design enclosed within a remarkable wood-carved shape, made from a Nile tree found in the distillery's garden, achieving a perfect balance.

The silver stopper is engraved with the Queen's favorite flower, Lily of the Valley, and Scotland's pride, the thistle.

Named in honor of the Queen, the 'Queen Elizabeth Rose' Decanter Number 1 was put up for an online auction by Sotheby's from September 11th to 22nd, 2023, to support the conservation of Scotland's native forests. It was successfully auctioned for $101,300 / £81,250 (approximately 15 million yen in Japanese yen). The proceeds are intended to be donated to the Royal Scottish Forestry Society, a cause supported by Her Majesty the Queen as a patron. This project aims to further our initiatives and conduct new plantations in Speyside, ensuring the sustainability of this precious land for the future.

The motifs for the seven decanters are as follows:

#1: The Queen Elizabeth Rose, named in honor of Her Majesty.
#2: The Orchid in the bridal bouquet celebrating the union with the Duke of Edinburgh.
#3: The Daffodil, representing the national flower of Wales and paying tribute to the special diamond jubilee.
#4: The Clematis, which blooms in the gardens of Buckingham Palace and around Windsor Castle, where Her Majesty sleeps.
#5: The Daisy, the Queen's birth flower.
#6: The Begonia, used to celebrate the silver jubilee.
#7: The Stephanotis, symbolizing Scotland and used in the Queen's coronation bouquet.

Regarding the release of the Devotion 70 Years, Master Distiller Dennis Malcolm has shared the following statement: "Based on the true spirit of Glengrant and weaving our history's inspiring legacy with the devotion of Queen Elizabeth II, this exceptional masterpiece has come to life. Devotion means showing unwavering loyalty and affection towards what one holds dear, and it stands at the core of our whisky-making philosophy, radiating brilliance alongside our creative collaborators."

■ Product Details Product Name:

Glengrant Devotion 70 Years
Volume: 700ml
Alcohol Percentage: 55.5%
Suggested Retail Price: Excluding Tax: 15,000,000 yen / Including Tax: 16,500,000 yen
Sales Cities: Tokyo, London, New York, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore *Not available for general retail sale

■ Tasting Notes Nose: Floral, transitioning from rich barley sugar to the sweetness of ripe peaches and honey. Palate: Dry fruits, raisins, sultanas, dry spices, subtle oak. Finish: Long, rich, and complex, with hints of berries, spices, and a touch of smoke.


In the year 840, brothers James and John Grant were captivated by the beautiful natural surroundings of Rothes in the Speyside region of Scotland, founding the "Glengrant" distillery. "Glengrant" originates from the Gaelic term "GLEN," meaning valley, and the brothers' family name "GRANT."

The cornerstone of Glengrant was laid by the second generation, "The Major" Grant, who invented pioneering long-necked pot stills and distillation equipment, thereby creating the delicate and fruity flavor profile that continues at Glengrant to this day.

The current Master Distiller is Dennis Malcolm, who began at Glengrant Distillery at the age of 15. Starting as a cooper, he gained diverse experiences and positions across various distilleries before assuming his current position. In 2021, he celebrated his 60th year in the Scotch whisky industry.

Glengrant is the only distillery in the Speyside region that conducts the entire production process, from manufacturing to bottling, within its estate. Moreover, it holds the position of the number one selling single malt in Italy (IWSR 2022).

Among its existing range are "Glengrant Alba Reserve," "Glengrant 10 Years," "Glengrant 12 Years," "Glengrant 15 Years," "Glengrant 18 Years," and "Glengrant 21 Years."

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