Biwai (Loquat) and Hassaku (Citrus Hassaku), melon, and new tea create colorful original cocktails and mocktails for spring!

Weekday-exclusive Happy Hour also held at two bars in a luxury hotel - Grand Hyatt Tokyo 2024 Spring –

Rising above the hustle and bustle of the city, the dynamic luxury hotel, Grand Hyatt Tokyo (Minato-ku, Tokyo, General Manager: Ross Cooper), is offering four colorful cocktails and three mocktails featuring the flavors of seasonal fruits such as loquat, citrus hassaku, and melon from spring to early summer at the Oak Door Bar. Additionally, a special Happy Hour plan at the luxury hotel is available exclusively on weekdays (Monday to Thursday) at the Oak Door Bar and the Bar & Jazz Lounge "Maduro."

At the Oak Door Bar, indulge in four original cocktail recipes, including a Highball made with bourbon infused with fruity scents of mango and loquat, and a Cosmopolitan blended with ripe plum-infused vodka. Furthermore, three new mocktails are introduced for those who prefer not to consume alcohol or practice the "Sobercurious" lifestyle. Enjoy refreshing and fruity choices such as "Spring Garden," inspired by the dazzling greenery of spring, combining green tea and melon juice, and "Tropical Squash," a refreshing mix of your favorite fruits like mango and plum.

Moreover, from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM on weekdays (Monday to Thursday), a Happy Hour special, "The Oak Door Bar Sundown Special," is available, allowing guests to choose any two cocktails from the daily changing cocktail selection and enjoy a dedicated bar food menu at a discounted rate.

At the Bar & Jazz Lounge "Maduro," the cover charge is waived, and a casual bar experience is offered with the "Bebida con Aperitivo." This includes a set featuring a choice of two drinks from approximately 50 selections, including signature cocktails like the Mojito and champagne, along with four tapas at an attractive price.

On a pleasant spring evening when the gentle night breeze caresses the skin, why not spend a special moment at the two bars in Grand Hyatt Tokyo?

▪️Oak Door Bar (6th Floor Bar)

In the stylish and international atmosphere of the Oak Door Bar, where a variety of wines and cocktails can be enjoyed, the theme of "Spring time at The Oak Door Bar" brings forth cocktails made with fresh seasonal fruits such as loquat and plum. Indulge in cocktails crafted by the bartender, including the "Tropical Highball" made with bourbon infused with mango and loquat, and the "Plum Cosmopolitan" blending ripe plum with vodka. Four cocktails and three mocktails are available for your enjoyment. Additionally, on weekdays from Monday to Thursday, a special Happy Hour, "The Oak Door Bar Sundown Special," is offered from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, featuring a changing daily theme with two cocktails accompanied by light snacks.

Offer Period: April 1, 2024 (Monday) to April 30, 2024 (Tuesday) Service Hours: 11:30 AM to 10:30 PM (Friday and Saturday until 11:30 PM) Official Website:

Menu Name / Price (Including Tax, Excluding 15% Service Charge):

・Tropical Highball 2,090 JPY

Crafted with refreshing mango and loquat-infused bourbon, this Highball offers a vibrant flavor with fruity aromas. The soft sweetness of seasonal fruits and the vanilla-like scent of bourbon combine to create a cocktail that captures the essence of the season.

・Lemon Brooklyn Martini 2,090 JPY

Inspired by the cheesecake offered at the adjacent steakhouse "Oak Door," this cocktail combines the fragrance of lemon peel-infused Brooklyn gin with the well-loved dry vermouth, often enjoyed as an aperitif. Experience the zesty dry gin paired with cream cheese-filled olives, reminiscent of the flavors found in the popular cheesecake.

・Plum Cosmopolitan 2,090 JPY

A twist on the classic "Cosmopolitan," a popular cocktail known for its refreshing taste, this variation incorporates plum-blended vodka as the base. French liqueur "Cointreau," lime, and cranberry juice are added to create a delightful twist. Using freshly ripened, vibrant red plums, this cocktail is crafted to evoke the arrival of spring, offering a visually and palate-pleasing drink.

・Melon New York Sour 2,090 JPY

An Oak Door Bar twist on the popular cocktail "New York Sour," which gained popularity in Prohibition-era New York and is traditionally made by pouring red wine over a whiskey base. In this rendition, the Oak Door Bar adds a creative touch by combining white wine (Chardonnay) with Cointreau and melon juice that retains its pulpiness. The result is a fruity cocktail with the vibrant color of young leaves.

・Spring Garden 1,760 JPY *Mocktail

A mocktail with the refreshing taste of green tea, fresh melon juice, and lemon juice. Garnished with flower spikes of perilla leaves as an accent along the rim of the glass, it creates an image of spring with budding young leaves.

・Hassaku Arnold Palmer 1,760 JPY *Mocktail

Named after the American professional golfer Arnold Palmer, who loved the combination of lemonade and iced tea, this mocktail is an adaptation that adds Japanese seasonal fruit "Hassaku" and lemon. The refreshing taste of iced tea blends harmoniously with the sweet ripeness of Hassaku and the invigorating acidity of lemon, creating a well-balanced mocktail.

・Tropical Squash 1,760 JPY *Mocktail

An tropical variation of the well-received mocktail "Fruit Squash" at the Oak Door. This version is tailored to tropical flavors, allowing customers to choose their preferred fruits such as plum, mango, and raspberry from a prepared basket. The bartender then creates a squash using the chosen fruits, incorporating mint leaves for a fruity, refreshing, and crisp taste.

◆ Limited Weekday Happy Hour at the Luxury Hotel!

At the Oak Door Bar, we are currently hosting the weekday-exclusive Happy Hour plan, "The Oak Door Bar Sundown Special," available only from Monday to Thursday. This special offer allows you to enjoy daily changing cocktails and bar food at a more affordable price than usual. With themes that vary each day, such as a meticulously crafted whiskey highball on potentially gloomy Mondays or a selection of American-themed cocktails on Tuesdays, this plan offers your choice of two daily cocktails along with a set of bar food. The special is available from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, providing a delightful and reasonable option for early evening gatherings. Whether it's a casual get-together with colleagues after work or an apéritif before dinner, indulge in the unique Happy Hour experience offered by the luxury hotel.

Plan Name / Price (Including Tax, Excluding 15% Service Charge):

The Oak Door Bar Sundown Special 3,465 JPY

Service Days: Weekdays (Monday to Thursday) Service Hours: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM Includes: Two daily changing cocktails, Bar food Official Website:


Monday - "Monday Booze"

Drink: Highballs featuring Japanese, American, and Scottish whiskies.

Food: French Dip Sandwich

The theme for potentially gloomy Mondays is "Monday Booze," a play on words combining "Booze" (meaning alcohol or to drink a lot) with the similarity to "blue" in pronunciation. We offer three unique highballs, such as pouring Japanese whiskey "Miyagikyo" like spilled sake into a square wooden cup, and a Scottish whiskey highball with the fragrance of cherry blossom chip smoke.

Tuesday - "Tuesday Cheers"

Drink: American cocktails such as Cosmopolitan and Manhattan, along with variations like New York Sour.

Food: Smoke Pulled Pork Sandwich

On Tuesdays, we embrace the theme of America, featuring beloved classics like Cosmopolitan and Manhattan, alongside variations like New York Sour and Kentucky Mule. Our bartenders, dressed in nostalgic uniforms, will also add decorations such as the American flag on this day.

Wednesday - "Wednesday Siesta"

Drink: An array of Martinis, including the classic Martini and Fruit Martinis featuring flavors like kiwi and lychee.

Food: Spicy Seafood Cocktail

Midweek Wednesday offers a diverse selection of Martinis. From the classic Martini to Espresso Martinis with different flavors, and easy-to-drink Fruit Martinis featuring kiwi, mango, lychee, and more. For Fruit Martinis, a unique touch is added by spraying a fragrance, such as cherry blossom, corresponding to each fruit at the time of serving, allowing you to enjoy a delightful aroma marriage.

Thursday - "Thirsty Thursday"

Drink: Gin and Tonics tailored to your preference, with a choice of 6 types of gin, 3 types of tonic, and 8 types of garnishes.

Food: Spicy Chicken Lollipops

On Thursdays, choose from 6 types of gin from Japan, the United States, and Europe, 3 types of tonic water including one with the fragrance of elderflower, and various garnishes such as lime, yuzu, and perilla to adorn your glass. With over 140 possible combinations, find your preferred Gin and Tonic among the multitude of choices.

Store Information: Oak Door Bar

  • Address: 6th Floor, Grand Hyatt Tokyo, 6-10-3 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032, Japan
  • Phone: 03-4333-8784 (Direct Line)

Maduro (4th Floor Bar & Jazz Lounge) At the sophisticated bar and jazz lounge "Maduro," designed for adults, we offer a special plan called "Bebida con Aperitivo" exclusively for early arrivals. This plan not only exempts the usual cover charge of ¥2,200 per person for early entry but also allows you to choose your favorite two drinks from a selection of approximately 50 options, including Maduro's signature cocktails such as the Mojito and champagne. Additionally, you can enjoy a set of four tapas, including grilled tuna and pork rillettes. We offer this plan with the hope that even first-time patrons of "Maduro" will visit the hotel bar, known as an "adult playground." Immerse yourself in the mature atmosphere that has elegantly adorned Roppongi nights at "Maduro," and savor a refined and graceful moment.

Offer Period: April 1, 2024 (Monday) to June 30, 2024 (Sunday)

                           Available only on weekdays (Tuesday to Thursday)

                           Online reservation required by 23:00 two days before use

Service Hours: 19:00 to 20:30 or 19:30 to 21:00  Please note: The plan is limited to a 90-minute duration

Capacity: 1 group for 2 people, up to a maximum of 4 groups (8 people) each day

Official Website:

Product Name / Price (Including Tax, 15% Service Charge Not Included):

  • "Bebida con Aperitivo" 5,500 JPY

    If you continue to use "Maduro" after the end of the plan period, a cover charge (2,200 JPY) and one drink will be charged.


Assorted Tapas (4 types):

  • Fruit Tomato and Mozzarella Cheese
  • Grilled Tuna with Avocado and Japanese-style Dressing
  • Marinated Shrimp with Salsa Roja
  • Pork Rillettes

Drinks (Example) You can choose any 2 from approximately 50 selections:

  • Wine: Champagne, White Wine, Red Wine
  • Cocktails: Cosmopolitan, Gin and Tonic, Moscow Mule, Mimosa, Martini, Mojito, etc.
  • Whiskey: The Glenlivet 12 years, Laphroaig 10 years, etc.
  • Beer: Suntory The Premium Malt's Masters Dream (Draft)
  • Others: Various whiskies, non-alcoholic cocktails, and assorted soft drinks.

Store Information: Bar & Jazz Lounge "Maduro"

  • Address: 4th Floor (Access via 6th Floor), Grand Hyatt Tokyo, 6-10-3 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032, Japan
  • Phone: 03-4333-8783 (Direct Line)

Please check the official website for the latest operating hours. As ingredients, origins, content, and prices may change, please inquire in advance before publishing. Photos are for illustration purposes and may differ from actual items. Thank you for your understanding.