Autumn Limited Fair: Enjoy the pinnacle of blended whisky, 'Hibiki' Blender's Choice, at our on-site restaurant!

You can enjoy Japanese whisky, which is popular worldwide, along with the gourmet cuisine at the hotel.
Hotel New Otani (Tokyo)
Main Bar 'Bar Capri'
Hibiki Blender's Choice Fair
At Hotel New Otani (Tokyo), including the Main Bar 'Bar Capri,' we will be hosting the 'Hibiki Blender's Choice Fair,' a limited-time event until November 30, 2023, where you can enjoy Suntory's finest blended whisky, 'Hibiki' Blender's Choice.
・Japanese Whisky's Premium Brand at a Special Price! Also, offering original cocktails for sale.

In recent years, Japanese whisky has been garnering attention worldwide. It is recognized as one of the top five whiskies in the world, alongside Ireland, Scotland, America, and Canada, earning high praise at international tasting competitions for its delicate and well-balanced flavors.

Furthermore, at Hotel New Otani (Tokyo), we are once again hosting a collaboration fair featuring the pinnacle of Japanese whisky, the 'Hibiki Blender's Choice,' which is considered among the finest blended whiskies. In select hotel restaurants, you can enjoy the 'Hibiki Blender's Choice' glass at a special price, and for a limited time, we are offering original cocktails crafted by our bartenders.

Original cocktails crafted with Hibiki Blender's Choice and highball options that you can enjoy at the hotel's restaurants.

Hibiki Old Fashioned

A twist on the classic Old Fashioned cocktail featuring Hibiki Blender's Choice and domestically crafted yuzu liqueur, creating a refreshing Japanese aroma. With the addition of Japanese-style fine-grained sugar (Washimbon), it achieves a gentle and harmonious hint of sweetness.

*The above is an exclusive product available at Bar Capri.

Hibiki Blender's Choice Highball

The 'classic' highball that accentuates the delicate and majestic flavors and aromas of Hibiki Blender's Choice. A simple yet incredibly satisfying drink, we invite you to enjoy it with your meal.

*Highballs are also available at the following hotel restaurants:


Y BAR / SATSUKI / Garden Lounge / Tower Restaurant (from 10/1 onwards)

・A limited-time fair decoration that allows you to feel the Hibiki right from the entrance has also been introduced!

*The image is from last year's event.

In conjunction with the 'Hibiki Blender's Choice Fair,' starting from September 1st (Friday), the entrance wall of the Main Bar 'Bar Capri' will be adorned entirely in the colors of 'Hibiki Blender's Choice.' The design, reminiscent of the handcrafted grape-colored Echizen washi paper label of the Blender's Choice, exudes a soft and glossy texture.

Product Overview

Hibiki Blender's Choice Fair

[Sales Period] November 30, 2023 (Thursday)


  • Hibiki Old Fashioned ¥2,900
  • Hibiki Blender's Choice Highball ¥2,500
  • Glass ¥2,300 / Bottle ¥42,000 *All prices exclude service charges


Hotel New Otani (Tokyo) Main Bar 'Bar Capri' (4-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, The Main Lobby Floor)

*Highballs are also available at the following hotel restaurants: VIEW & DINING THE SKY / SKY BAR / SATSUKI / Garden Lounge / Tower Restaurant (from 10/1 onwards)


Weekdays: 16:00 - 23:00 (Last Order 22:30) Weekends and Holidays: 13:00 - 23:00 (Last Order 22:30) *Please check the latest operating hours on the Bar Capri website.


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