The inaugural event: A night where the philosophy of the northernmost distillery's Scotch whisky, 'Highland Park,' and the woodfire cuisine of Maruta come together. An evening resonating with guests who cherish food, offering a pairing experience.

Harmony orchestrated by two philosophies: 'HIGHLAND PARK presents WILD HARMONY SESSION in Maruta

From the ends of the earth comes malt whisky" HIGHLAND PARK, (Distilled at Highland Park Distillery, distributed by Sanyo Bussan Co., Ltd.), collaborated with Chofu's 'Maruta' on August 7, 2023, to host the event "HIGHLAND PARK presents WILD HARMONY SESSION in Maruta.

Purpose of the Event

At the northernmost tip of Scotland's Orkney Islands, HIGHLAND PARK, a whisky that has been passed down by Viking descendants for over 220 years without altering its methods, continues to embody not only its distillation techniques but also the spirit of the Vikings—those who 'always fight and continue to challenge'—originating from the land that was once a Viking stronghold.

In this collaborative event, Maruta, established in 2018, has garnered support from connoisseurs since its opening. With an emphasis on eco-friendly practices, locally sourced ingredients, and a cooking technique centered around woodfire, Maruta consistently explores new possibilities for their restaurant.

As two challengers resonate with each other's philosophies, this event ventures into uncharted territory of whisky and cuisine relationships. With the participation of guest bartender Sorato Nomura, Highland Park's 12, 15, and 18-year-old expressions are presented alongside woodfire-cooked dishes, stretching and enhancing their distinct flavors and aromas in a buffet-style setting.

Event Overview

From left to right, HIGHLAND PARK 12-year, 15-year, and 18-year expressions.

The three finger foods were designed to bring out the uniqueness of each, starting from their aromas.

HIGHLAND PARK Brand Manager, Fujii

Mr. Toyama, Manager of Maruta

Through a talk session, he proposed a free-spirited approach to enjoying whisky and woodfire cuisine.

Guest Bartender, Sorato Nomura

For finishing touches on highball and water cuts, he added herbs harvested at Maruta to enjoy various expressions.

The 12-year-old, often referred to as the soul of Highland Park. Matched with its smoky and sweet profile, a hearty woodfire-roasted edamame dish complemented the flavors. The cream also carried the scent of wood.

The 15-year expression, aged in European oak sherry casks, is characterized by its rich heather honey aroma. Paired with the freshness of sea bream and woodfire-grilled fish preparation, the dish beautifully complemented the well-toned flesh, offering a subtle smoky note to relish.

The 18-year expression, embracing a tradition spanning 220 years, embodies a symphony of fruits and floral aromas intertwined with a spiced palate. Complementing this is the profoundly savory domestic beef, seared to a crispy surface, locking in its succulence within.

After the meal, a specialty cake infused with the aroma of whisky awaits. Made using the 12-year expression of 'HIGHLAND PARK.'

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□ Date: August 7th (Monday)

□ Venue: Maruta

【Event Guests】

Mr. Hiroyuki Toyama, Manager of Maruta

Manager / Beverage Director, originally from Saitama Prefecture. After working as a bartender in restaurants and hotels, he transitioned to a sommelier role. Since then, he has accumulated experience in various restaurants and became the manager of 'Gris' (now 'sio') in Yoyogi Uehara from 2012. Starting in 2018, he supervised the drinks at 'Maruta' in Chofu City and has expanded his presence by conducting pairings, including the drink direction at 'LURRA゜' in Kyoto from 2019.

Maruta Chef, Mr. Kazuki Ishimatsu

Born in 1988 and hailing from Tokyo. After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu France, he honed his skills at some of Tokyo's premier restaurants, including 'KM.' In 2015, he journeyed to Australia, where he encountered Chef Dan Hunter at the Melbourne restaurant 'Brae,' adopting the 'Farm to Kitchen' ethos under his mentorship. After returning to Japan, he joined the restaurant project at 'Maruta' in 2017 and assumed the role of chef. He emphasizes a close connection with producers, a thoughtful approach to ingredients, and a guiding philosophy for restaurant management. In addition to 'Maruta,' he's been involved in various ventures, including new restaurant development and food product creation. In 2019, he participated in the recovery support project 'Reborn-Art Festival 2019' with 'Reborn-Art DINING' to aid the restoration efforts after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Quarter Room, Mr. Sorato Nomura (Guest Bartender)

At the age of 1, he embarked alone to England, spending around 7 years as a bartender in London before returning to Japan. After returning, he garnered numerous awards as a bartender at Fuglen Tokyo. In 2017, he established the consulting brand 'ABV+' focused on bars and drinks. Subsequently, he served as a brand ambassador for foreign spirits, produced the bar for the Nihonbashi K5 Hotel, and engaged in the production of various products including Japanese spirits and bottled cocktails. Last year, he launched the joint company 'Dokai Sora,' and with the vision of 'expanding the diversity of food through bars and drinks,' he is progressing with various initiatives.

【Upcoming Events】

HIGHLAND PARK plans to continue collaborating with restaurants that hold unique philosophies in the future. We will create various harmonies and explore new possibilities.

■ How to Participate in the Next Event

The 'HIGHLAND PARK presents WILD HARMONY SESSION' event is organized, produced, and operated by ONESTORY, a planning company that handles diverse food content production. Participation is available through a lottery application exclusively for ONESTORY newsletter members.

※You can register as a ONESTORY newsletter member here.

※ The next edition of 'HIGHLAND PARK presents WILD HARMONY SESSION' is scheduled to take place in mid-October at a certain location within Tokyo.


Located on the Orkney Islands, where traces of the Neolithic age and the influence of the Vikings remain, 'Highland Park' is a distinguished single malt Scotch whisky that has steadfastly upheld tradition since 1798. The unique aroma of Orkney's peat and the influence of sherry casks bring about a gentle 'Smoky & Honey' profile. It is a single malt revered by passionate and fearless individuals.

【Product Details】

□ Product Name: HIGHLAND PARK

□ Alcohol Content: 40.0%

□ Volume (ml): 700ml □ Country of Origin: Scotland □ Suggested Retail Prices:

12-Year-Old: ¥6,000 (excluding tax) 15-Year-Old: ¥15,000 (excluding tax) 18-Year-Old: ¥21,000 (excluding tax)

□ HIGHLAND PARK Official Website: