HITOYO received the Platinum and Gold Awards at the "Kura Master Honkaku Shochu, Awamori, and Umeshu Competition 2024" held in Paris, France.

Local Local Co., Ltd. June 18, 2024, 3:00 PM

Local Local Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture; CEO: Kotaro Ishibashi; hereinafter "the Company"), with the mission of "inheriting and passing on local stories to the next generation," is pleased to announce that our shochu bottler brand "HITOYO" won awards at the "Kura Master Honkaku Shochu, Awamori, and Umeshu Competition 2024" held in Paris, France. "HITOYO Al Kaphrah" received the Platinum Award, and "HITOYO Salm" received the Gold Award.

HITOYO: https://hitoyo.store/shop

◾️What is Kura Master?

Kura Master is a sake competition held in France for French people, first established in 2017. The judges are primarily Europeans, including French professionals such as holders of the prestigious M.O.F. (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) qualification, top sommeliers and barmen from France's leading hotels, cavists, and professionals from the restaurant, hotel, and culinary school sectors. In 2021, the competition expanded to include Honkaku Shochu and Awamori, broadening the scope of its evaluations.

Official website: https://kuramaster.com/ja/

◾️Award-Winning Products

  • HITOYO Al Kaphrah
    Received the Platinum Award in the Barrel Aged category for 2024
  • HITOYO Salm
    Received the Gold Award in the Variety category for 2024
Junmai Daiginjo Sake Lees Shochu
Product Name: HITOYO Salm
Volume: 700ml
Alcohol Content: 35%
Price: ¥29,700 (including tax)
URL: https://hitoyo.store/shop/products/Salm
32-Year Oak Barrel Aged Barley Shochu
Product Name: HITOYO Al Kaphrah
Volume: 700ml
Alcohol Content: 35%
Price: ¥55,000 (including tax)
URL: https://hitoyo.store/shop/products/al_kaphrah

◾️About the Shochu Bottler Brand "HITOYO"

HITOYO carefully selects hidden gems from sake breweries across Japan, ensuring that only the highest quality products are brought to market with the collaboration of taste professionals. By redefining the value of shochu through these rare treasures from numerous domestic shochu distilleries, HITOYO aims to deliver an unparalleled shochu experience to people worldwide. The brand continues to express the history, culture, and unique world of both the breweries and the shochu itself.

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