Hosted by the Central Association of Sake Brewers, the 'Honkaku Shochu & Awamori EXPERIENCE'November 11th (Saturday) 12:00 - 18:00 (Last Order 17:30)2Osaka FOOD LAB

The first-ever event featuring approximately 100 varieties of authentic shochu and awamori, along with renowned bartenders from across the nation offering original cocktails based on shochu and awamori, has been confirmed!

The Central Association of Sake Brewers (Address: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Chairman: Haruhiko Okura) is pleased to announce the "Honkaku Shochu & Awamori EXPERIENCE" event, which will take place in the heart of Osaka at Osaka FOOD LAB on Saturday, November 11th.

The "Honkaku Shochu & Awamori EXPERIENCE" event (in cooperation with FM Osaka and JFN) is the first of its kind, aiming to let you experience the diversity of authentic shochu and awamori. This event features tastings of approximately 100 brands by sake brewers and original shochu cocktails crafted by 12 renowned bartenders specifically for this event.

For more details, please visit the official Honkaku Shochu & Awamori EXPERIENCE website at:

Admission fees include a ticket that allows you to enjoy two shochu cocktails crafted by bartenders. Advance tickets are priced at 3,000 yen, while tickets purchased on the day of the event are 3,500 yen. Advance tickets are currently available for purchase through Ticket Pia.

[Participating bartenders (in alphabetical order)]

Yuko Ikegami (Osaka, Cellar Bar at The Ritz-Carlton Osaka)

2020: CT SPIRITS JAPAN COCKTAIL CHALLENGE, Cocoanut Division, Grand Prize
2021: 3rd Honkaku Shochu & Awamori Cocktail Competition, 3rd Place
2022: 8th HBA/KOKUBU Cocktail Competition, BUFFALO TRACE CHALLENGE, Winner (Double Award - Best Technical Award)


Shun Kosaka (Tokyo, Quarter Room)

3rd Honkaku Shochu & Awamori Cocktail Competition 2021 Finalist
4th Honkaku Shochu & Awamori Cocktail Competition 2022 Winner
World Class 2022 JAPAN Finalist, 2nd Place Overall
Aperitif & Digestif Division Winner
CAMPARI Group Cocktail Grand Prix 2022, 2nd Place
World Class 2023 JAPAN Finalist, 2nd Place Overall
Super Mixer Challenge Division Winner
Name That Cocktail Challenge Division Winner
Don Julio 1942 Special Guest Challenge Division Winner

Shinya Kiba (Kumamoto, Yakagi)

World Class 2021 JAPAN Bartender of the Year
In 2023, Yakagi was ranked 84th on Asia's 50 Best Bars list.

Kenichi Takeshita (Kyoto, The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto, "The Bar")

In 2022, he eagerly participated in cocktail competitions and emerged victorious in the REMY MARTIN BARTENDER TALENT COMPETITION JAPAN.

Eiwa Tsuji (Kyoto, Scotch & Branch)

Bushmills Brand Ambassador, Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition Judge, Organizer of the "Tales89" Cocktail Event, Sommelier, Whiskey Professional.

Keisuke Nakaimachi (Osaka, BAR Shiki)

After working at "ARTEMIS" and "Bar Agreable," BAR Shiki was opened in 2018.

Shuichi Nagatomo (Fukuoka, Bar Oscar)

1994: Winner of the Suntory The Cocktail Award in the Whiskey Category.
1997 (London): Winner of the Beefeater International Bartenders' Competition division, 3rd place overall. He has also received numerous awards in competitions both domestically and internationally.

Akiko Nakamura (Kyoto, Park Hyatt Kyoto, Bar "Kohaku")

World Class 2013 JAPAN Top 10
Winner of the Chivas Mizunara Master Cocktail Competition 2015
Special Prize in the Hennessy X.O Cocktail Competition 2016

Tomoaki Nakamura (Okinawa, Ryukyu Mixology Style Bar Alchemist)

A bartender who specializes in cocktail-making with a theme of Okinawa's locally sourced ingredients and mixology. He proposes a "new way of enjoying" locally sourced ingredients using all five senses. He is also skilled in classic cocktails and flair bartending, having won 18 awards in various cocktail competitions across different categories.

Junya Yamakawa (Osaka, BAR &-So-On.)

At the age of 25, he embarked on the path of becoming a bartender. In 2021, he independently established BAR &-So-On. in Osaka's Hommachi district.

Masaharu Yamabuki (Osaka, BAR Yoru)

After training at the Barmusou Second Club, he opened BAR Yoru in Osaka's Kitashinchi district in February 2022. He is fascinated by the uniqueness and deliciousness of various alcoholic beverages from around the world, and he continues to explore and research unconventional alcohols.

Yuki Watanabe (Osaka, Bar Nayuta)

A bartender at "Bar Nayuta" who captivates many guests from overseas. He has actively participated in various events, including the Latin Caribbean Cocktail Party 2022 in Osaka and the Cocktail Party 2022 in Osaka.