Liquid Resort Vol.1 - Inaugural Event! Presented by a bartender unit from Nagoya, a cocktail event featuring Japanese craft spirits!

From Our Resort (Experience) to Your Resort (Escape)

"Through cocktails, we want to introduce you to the world of Japanese craft spirits and provide you with nourishment for a richer life…"

We, the "Busta Unit," have visited various sake breweries across Japan, experiencing the dedication and passion that go into crafting each bottle of spirits. We have felt these emotions firsthand. Inspired by these experiences, we as bartenders have embarked on the journey of 'Liquid Resort.'

As bartenders, we are professionals in the realm of liquids - "Liquid." Drawing from the experiences - "Resort" - we have gathered during our visits to breweries, we create cocktails featuring the finest Japanese craft spirits. By allowing you to savor these exceptional liquids, we aim to transport you to an extraordinary realm - "Resort," an escape from the everyday…"

"Featured by Today's Hottest Trending Brands! Explore an Array of Unique Cocktails"

"In the monumental inaugural event, 'Liquid Resort Vol.1,' four craft brands currently making waves in the bar scene will gather together. They will showcase their creativity by concocting original cocktails, using even the most elusive and rare spirits, as four members of the Busta Unit take the helm behind the bar.

Exclusive to this event, you'll have the opportunity to indulge in a variety of distinct cocktails, each bursting with its own personality. And, of course, you can also partake in tastings of the spirits themselves!

Drink, discover, and satisfy your senses... Embark on your own extraordinary journey to a personal 'Resort'!"

"Event Overview"

Date: August 20th (Sunday) Part 1 - 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Part 2 - 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM Venue: Wye Market Brewing Kitchen (Nagoya City, Nagoya Station) Admission Ticket: Each Part 7,000 yen - Includes 4 drinks (Re-entry allowed) Additional Cocktails: 1,000 yen - Cash on the day *Please choose either Part 1 or Part 2 for your admission ticket. ⇒ Official Event Instagram:

[Participating Brands]

"Alchemie / Tatsumi Distillery"

A Single Drop of Creation As cultivators bring forth crops from the earth, brewers craft spirits from those crops, distillers extract the essence of life from the spirits, and alchemists concoct elixirs befitting you from that essence. This single drop encapsulates the alchemical wisdom of cultivators, brewers, distillers, and alchemists – a symphony of transformation from earth to elixir."

"Scarlet / Iseya Sake Brewery"

Located in Midori Ward, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Iseya Sake Brewery has revitalized a century-old farmhouse in Kohara, the 9th post town along the Koshu Kaido route, transforming it into a production facility.

The term "Amāro" comes from the Italian word for "bitter." With a distinct bitterness in its flavor, it aligns with the proverb "good medicine tastes bitter." Originally crafted for its potential medicinal properties, this beverage has a history rooted in seeking certain efficacies. Iseya Sake Brewery has named their version of Amāro as "Scarlet," producing it entirely through manual labor within their family, following classical methods from manufacturing to bottling.

"THE HERBALIST YASO / Echigo Medicinal Herbs"

Fermentation: Healthy and Beautiful. Expanding the Value Created by Fermentation. Harnessing the Unseen Forces of the Natural World.

We aim to draw out the effects of nature without defying its course, continuously crafting products that offer tangible benefits and contribute to well-being. We aspire to enhance the benefits generated through fermentation, tapping into the hidden powers of the natural world.


Located in Ikejiri, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, we have our headquarters and a physical store. Our three core business pillars include Private Bottle Services, Export Services, and Retail & Wholesale Distribution.

The term "RUDDER" signifies a ship's steering mechanism, reflecting our commitment to constantly steer towards innovation. We are driven by the desire to navigate forward, always setting our course towards new horizons.

[Participating Bartenders / Organizer Information]

We are the "Busta Unit," a collective formed by four bartenders who stand behind the counters of bars in Nagoya City. On the day of the event, each of us will be offering original cocktails that we have individually crafted.

Yoshida Tosgiya / Bar Thistle

In our back bar, you'll find around 700 bottles. From classical cocktails to creative concoctions, we offer a variety of cocktails tailored to our customers' preferences for an enjoyable experience.


Goto Keisuke / Bar K-9

In 2018, achieved overall victory in the A-1 Cocktail Competition from Aichi Prefecture with 100 cocktails. Successfully executed guest shifts at numerous bars in other prefectures and organized and managed various events.

Fujii Daosuke / Jade Lab.

Bringing Herbal Liqueurs and Century-Old Classic Cocktails to the Modern Age. Crafting Our Own Ingredients for an Authentic Touch! A Casual Bar Where You Can Indulge in Absinthe and Experience an Extraordinary Escape.


Shimizu Yusuke / Bar Nave

An authentic bar themed around a church, creating an extraordinary atmosphere. Enjoy a leisurely drink in a tranquil setting.

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Drink and talk with like-minded friends, learn about sake while on vacation, and travel in search of deliciousness.
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【Please be sure to read it 】
If you participate in this event, you are deemed to have agreed to the following notes. Please note.

Notes on holding events
・Event contents may change due to circumstances. Please note.
・Persons driving a car and minors are not allowed to participate. (There is no parking lot at the venue)
・Photos will be taken with the official camera during the event. Please note that the photos taken may be used for operational reports, etc.

Precautions during the event
・Be careful not to drink too much.
・Please refrain from drinking during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
・If we find an act that leads to trouble, we may ask you to leave.
・We are not responsible for any troubles, loss, theft, accidents, etc. during the event.

Ticket notes
・One admission ticket (QR code) is required per person.
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