Captivated by Miniature Bottles - A Collector's Life Spanning Half a Century - Now Available to Great Acclaim

A Total of 12,000 Bottles! Mr. Yasuyuki Nakai, Japan's Leading Miniature Bottle Collector, Releases His First Book

The Precious Collection and Journey of Japan's Leading Miniature Bottle Collector - Mr. Yasuyuki Nakai. From coveted whisky bottles to globally rare ones, this book chronicles the collector's life of Mr. Yasuyuki Nakai, who owns approximately 12,000 miniature bottles, making him one of Japan's foremost collectors.

Published by Whisky Culture Research Institute (Located in Shibuya, Tokyo; CEO: Mamoru Tsuchiya), the book titled "Captivated by Miniature Bottles - A Collector's Life Spanning Half a Century" (released on September 15, 2023) by miniature bottle collector Mr. Yasuyuki Nakai is now available to great acclaim. You can purchase it on Amazon and the Whisky Culture Research Institute's online shop.

Contents: Since being fascinated by miniature bottles as a primary school student, Mr. Yasuyuki Nakai has been collecting miniatures for nearly half a century. Currently, he owns a collection of approximately 12,000 bottles, making him one of Japan's leading collectors.

In this book, he provides detailed introductions, from collector's dream bottles to the definition and history of miniature bottles, Nakai's collection journey, his proud bottle collection, and even his collecting methods. This comprehensive content can be considered the culmination of his life as a collector, presented in a lively and engaging writing style. You'll also find amusing episodes, like unforgettable moments from his days of searching for rare bottles while traveling overseas and interactions with fellow collectors. Through the charm of 'Miniature Bottles,' this book not only delves into the world of collecting but also reveals the author's personality.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Bottles Coveted by Collectors

The Miniature Bottle "Campbeltown 1919" Sold at the Highest Price
The "Glenfiddich 50-Year" that Appeared in the Japanese Market
The Miniature of the Ultimate Vintage Macallan Series: "The Macallan 1937"
The Drawn Lot "Remy Martin Louis XIII Grand Champagne Flacon Di Amour"
The "Bell Decanter Charles & Diana Wedding" Sold for £1,200 in 1990

Chapter 2: What Are Miniature Bottles?

Definition of Miniature Bottles
Types of Miniature Bottles
History of Miniature Bottles
Miniature Bottles as a Reflection of the Times

Chapter 3: Miniature Bottles and Me

Falling in Love with Miniature Bottles at Fifth Grade
Growing the Collection to 800 Bottles by Age 15
Embarking on Overseas Journeys in Search of Miniature Bottles
Tales from Overseas Hunting Adventures
Bidding on Paper, Midnight International Calls, and Pre-Internet Anecdotes
Entrusted with the "History" of Miniature Bottles

Chapter 4: My Collection

Memorable Bottles
Beautiful Bottles
Trivia-worthy Bottles

hapter 5: How to Collect Miniature Bottles

First, Decide on Your Genre Where to Buy Miniature Bottles Online Shops and Auction Sites that Deal with Miniature Bottles Collections are Once in a Lifetime; Trade with Sincerity Beware of Mold and Volatility Fake Bottles Exist in the World of Miniatures Column: Meeting Like-Minded Enthusiasts is Also a Highlight of Collecting


(C) Whiskey Culture Institute The author's miniature bottle collection room. This is the Scotch Single Malt Whisky section, with approximately 4,000 bottles arranged by distillery name.

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[Title] "Enchanted by Miniature Bottles: A Collector's Life Spanning Half a Century" [Release Date] September 15, 2023 (Friday) [Price] 1,600 yen (excluding tax) [Retailers] Amazon, Whiskey Culture Institute Online Shop

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From September 2014 to March 2015, he served as a consultant for whiskey research in the NHK morning drama series "Massan." Tsuchiya has authored numerous books, including "The Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch" and "The Complete Guide to Blended Whiskey" (Shogakukan), "Masataka Taketsuru and Whiskey" (Tokyo Shoseki), "The Whiskey Complete Bible" (Natsume Sha), "Whiskey as Business Knowledge: Why High-End Whiskey Sells for 200 Million Yen" (KADOKAWA), and "Japanese Whiskey as Business Knowledge" (Shodensha).

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