Kanazawa's "Oriental Blue Inc." embarks on innovative rice whiskey production and challenges crowdfunding awards! Achieving a record-breaking support of over 25 million yen on CAMPFIRE in Ishikawa Prefecture.

Obtaining the first-ever whiskey production license in Ishikawa Prefecture, they commenced production in 2022! Aiming for the world market with Japanese whiskey crafted using rice.

Oriental Brewing Co., Ltd., a craft beer manufacturer in Kanazawa (32 Higashimachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture; CEO: Makoto Tanaka), obtained the first whiskey production license in Ishikawa Prefecture and commenced production in July 2022.

This project, venturing into a new initiative of Japanese whiskey utilizing rice, successfully gathered substantial support through the crowdfunding platform "CAMPFIRE." The project achieved a historic milestone in Ishikawa Prefecture by securing over 25 million yen in funding, surpassing previous records.

Furthermore, the company is now expressing its enthusiasm to vie for recognition at the "CAMPFIRE Crowdfunding Awards 2023," currently underway on CAMPFIRE. The voting period is from December 20, 2023, to January 4, 2024, with voting taking place on X (formerly Twitter).

[Oriental Brewing Co., Ltd. Official Website] https://www.orientalbrewing.com/

・Oriental Brewing Co., Ltd. - All staff members. The second person from the right is CEO Makoto Tanaka.

Nominated for the "CAMPFIRE Crowdfunding Awards 2023"! Aiming for recognition in Ishikawa Prefecture's inaugural attempt!

On Japan's largest crowdfunding platform, "CAMPFIRE," approximately 10,000 projects were launched in the year 2023, garnering substantial support. In recognition of these projects, CAMPFIRE has established awards to spotlight them, featuring ten categories. Currently, 100 projects are nominated, and voting, conducted on X (formerly Twitter), will determine the results.

The voting period is from December 20, 2023, to January 4, 2024. Follow the official CAMPFIRE account (@CAMPFIREjp) and cast your vote for Oriental Brewing's project, "Challenging the First Whiskey Distillery in Ishikawa and Rice Whiskey! [Co-Barrel Owner Recruitment]."

Participating voters are eligible for special perks, with luxurious prizes awaiting winners.

"CAMPFIRE Crowdfunding Awards 2023" URL: https://camp-fire.jp/awards

・"Why did a beer company decide to venture into whiskey production? The intriguing reasons behind their strong commitment to rice whiskey and its newfound allure!?"

The Oriental Kanazawa Distillery is located approximately 25 minutes by car from the bustling city center of Kanazawa, nestled in the foothills. The facility is surrounded by rice paddies, offering a natural and serene landscape

Oriental Kanazawa Distillery

What is produced here is Japanese whiskey made using rice. This is a new type of whiskey that utilizes barley and rice as raw materials, aiming to create whiskey using locally sourced rice and contribute to the craft of whiskey-making in Kanazawa.

A large still machine exudes its presence within the facility.

The distillery conducts distillation approximately 9 to 12 times a month using this still machine. The resulting base spirit from a single distillation is about 200 liters, which fills one barrel. The company also emphasizes the material of the wooden barrels, using Noto cedar for the staves. This unique whiskey-making process incorporates the local climate and culture of Ishikawa Prefecture, producing original whiskies that can only be crafted by this company.

The whiskey production, which commenced in July 2022, involves a new type of whiskey crafted from barley and rice as its raw materials.

Then, why did a craft beer company venture into whiskey production?

[Comment from CEO Makoto Tanaka]

After returning from a world beer journey, I wanted to create a unique local beer in Kanazawa. Hence, on March 22, 2016, Oriental Brewing Co., Ltd. was established in Kanazawa. However, due to the prolonged impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, our company, which focused on on-site craft beer production and sales, faced significant setbacks. Despite this, I believed we had to move forward positively. Looking ahead to potential inbound tourism and considering further global exports, we made the decision to start whiskey production. Interestingly, beer and whiskey share similar manufacturing know-how, making the entry relatively seamless. However, beer, being perishable and having a relatively high weight-to-price ratio, is not ideal for exports. On the other hand, whiskey, with its longer shelf life, storage capabilities, and favorable unit pricing, is suitable for international expansion. Additionally, the Japanese whiskey market has been growing. We obtained the production license and began barrel aging in August 2022. The new product is expected to be completed in 2025, but we are considering a limited pre-release of the First Vintage in 2024. Having started as a beer company, the extended aging process of maturing base spirits in barrels, distinct from beer, brings anticipation. However, this project is filled with romance, our passion, the spirit of challenge, and the dream of terroir blending into the taste. I aim to share a new whiskey culture from Kanazawa to the world.

・The craft beer brewery, Oriental Brewing, founded on craft beer, captivates with its limited edition beers that showcase local ingredients.

Based in Kanazawa, Oriental Brewing established its first store on March 22, 2016, in the vicinity of Higashi Chaya District, one of Kanazawa's three tea-house districts. The brewery conducted beer production on-site, quickly gaining attention for the unique advantage of patrons being able to enjoy freshly brewed beer at the premises.

Distinguishing itself from major manufacturers, the brewery's popularity stems from its limited edition beers with original flavors, made possible by small-scale production using local ingredients.

Varieties such as the "Yuwaku Yuzu Ale," incorporating Kanazawa's specialty, "Kanazawa Yuzu" from the Yuwaku Onsen area, the "Noto Salt Saison," using naturally harvested salt from the Awazuhama-style salt fields in Noto, Ishikawa, and the "Kaga Boucha Stout," a black beer infused with Kaga stick tea, showcase the brewery's unique personality. These beers leverage local ingredients from Ishikawa Prefecture and Kanazawa City, offering a distinctive taste that reflects the region's terroir.

Oriental Brewing's beers, known for their original flavors, have also gained popularity.

[Oriental Brewing's Direct Stores]

・Higashiyama Shop (First store adjacent to the brewery): 3-2-22 Higashiyama, Kanazawa City; Tel: 076-255-6378
・Kanazawa Station Shop: 1-1 Kinoshinbo, Kanazawa Station Anto West 2F; Tel: 076-208-4311
・Bistro Oriental: 1-5-2 Hirooka, Kanazawa, 2nd floor of Hyatt Hotel Kanazawa Cross Gate; Tel: 076-255-0029
・Marie Toyama Shop: 1-1-61 Sakuramachi, Toyama City, 1F of Marie Toyama; Tel: 050-8885-4920
・Hokurika (Retail Store): 1-220 Akenocho, Toyama Station Premises, Toya Marche; Tel: 0764-11-9609

[Corporate Information]

Company Name: Oriental Brewing Co., Ltd. Facility Name: Oriental Kanazawa Distillery Address: 32 Higashimachi, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, 920-1121, Japan Email: info@orientalbrewing.com Fax: 076-203-9065

Oriental Brewing Co., Ltd. is an affiliate of ASMEDIA Co., Ltd.