Thirteen renowned bartenders are gathering! The largest cocktail party in Kansai, "OSAKA COCKTAIL PARTY 2023," will be held on November 12th (Sunday)!

A festival of cocktails featuring Japan's top bartenders who are making waves today, coming together from all over the country to offer unique event-exclusive special cocktails using spirits from around the world!

Osaka's liquor retailer, Senga Co., Ltd., is set to host the largest cocktail party in Kansai, "OSAKA COCKTAIL PARTY 2023," on November 12, 2023, at OSAKA FOOD LAB in Naka, Osaka City.

Since its inception in 2021, "OSAKA COCKTAIL PARTY" has aimed to bring the forefront of Japan's cocktail scene to Kansai. The previous two editions were met with great enthusiasm, with tickets selling out.

For its third installment, this year will once again feature an entirely new roster of participating bartenders, with Japan's top bartenders who are currently making waves coming together from across the country. This lineup includes 13 specialists, many of whom have achieved world titles in cocktail competitions or hold the title of Japan Champion. Each of these specialists will create event-exclusive cocktails using spirits and liqueurs from around the world, concocting them right before the eyes of the event attendees.

This cocktail festival caters to everyone, from those new to bars who simply want to enjoy delicious cocktails to professionals who wish to learn about the finest cocktails. It's a unique opportunity to experience the art of cocktails with a lineup of 13 renowned bartenders, allowing you to savor the highest quality cocktails.

Come to Osaka and experience the current state of Japan's cocktail scene – it's an unparalleled opportunity.


Date and Time: Sunday, November 12, 2023, from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM Location: OSAKA FOOD LAB, Naka, Osaka City *The event will proceed as scheduled even in case of rain. Entry Ticket: ¥3,000 Cocktail Tickets: ¥500 per ticket (One ticket per one drink)

Cocktails will be available for purchase using cocktail tickets. Cocktail tickets will be sold at the venue on the day of the event.
Cocktail tickets are not included with the entry ticket. (Example of costs: If you were to try all 13 types of cocktails, it would cost ¥6,500 in addition to the ¥3,000 entry ticket.)
There will be no tasting or sampling of the bottles used.

Here is the footage from last year's event.

Official website/Social media channels.

Official website:
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・Participating bartenders.

Atsushi Suzuki - The Bellwood (Shibuya, Tokyo)
Kaito Ooba - Independent (Osaka)
Soran Nomura - QUARTER ROOM (Setagaya, Tokyo)
Yui Ogata - Wine&Bar Mugikya (Miyazaki City)
Yuka Maesho - The Condition Green (Nakameguro, Tokyo)
Masanori Ayukawa - Bar 7th (Abeno Bridge, Osaka)
Touru Kiriyama - KIRIP TRUMAN (Kitahama, Osaka)
Norihiko Furuse - UPSTAIRZ Zentis Osaka (Kitashinchi, Osaka)
Koji Esashi - SPIRITS BAR Sunface SHINJUKU (Shinjuku, Tokyo)
Hidekazu Takeda - Bar Kasumacho Arashi (Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo)
Tomoki Tanaka - Yamanobe Roastery (Tenri City, Nara)
Tomoyuki Hojo - Cocktail Bar Nemanja (Yokohama, Kanagawa)
Kei Nishiyama - &GIN (Minamimorimachi, Osaka)


Food Vendors:

Kemupaa (Smoked Food Bar, Osaka, Tenjinbashi)

Sponsoring Companies:

Osuzuyama Distillery Co., Ltd.
GGK Co., Ltd.
Mizuho Shuzo Co., Ltd.
Diageo Japan Co., Ltd.
H&B Japan Co., Ltd.
Suntory Co., Ltd.
Jadox Co., Ltd.
Whisk-E Co., Ltd.
CT Spirits Japan Co., Ltd.
Court Corporation Co., Ltd.
Mayur Co., Ltd.
Taji Shoten Co., Ltd.
Sanyo Bussan Co., Ltd.


Organizer: Senga Co., Ltd.
Planning: Takashi Fujii (CRAFTROOM), Shingo Kobari (LiquorPage)