PYTHAGORA, a furniture brand for bottle collectors to enjoy their hobby, started selling its new product 'Bar Shelf' on its online store on March 25th, designed to beautifully display bottle collections at home.

PYTHAGORA Inc. (Headquarters: 4-9-9 Minamikoiwa, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kenjiro Takahashi) will release its new product, the 'Bar Shelf,' as part of its BAR series on March 2, 2024.

A collection shelf reminiscent of an authentic bar for your home

PYTHAGORA, which has previously manufactured numerous bottle storage shelves for both homes and restaurants, has unveiled two new models of bottle-exclusive shelves for home use, called 'Bar Shelf.' Despite their simple appearance, these Bar Shelves are equipped with functionalities tailored specifically for bottle storage.

Bar Shelf - 3-tier type"

<Product Concept> For those who love alcohol and have amassed a collection of bottles, storage space can often be a challenge. To address this issue, we recommend the Bar Shelf, a collection shelf that can store up to approximately 42 bottles while maximizing space in your room and showcasing them beautifully like a bar.

The shelf is designed in tiers, allowing for excellent visibility and easy retrieval of bottles in the rear. Brass bars provide stability to prevent tipping. While not visible in the photos, there is also a 1cm raised edge at the rear to protect your valuable bottle collection, demonstrating our focus on functional design to safeguard your collection.

< Points >

✔︎ Beautifully display your favorite collection bottles
✔︎ Tiered shelf design for easy viewing and accessibility
✔︎ Brass bars for stability and to prevent tipping
✔︎ Additional workspace on the top surface (*Only available in the 2-tier type)

< Recommended for >

✔︎ Those who collect spirits such as whiskey or gin
✔︎ Individuals facing difficulty in finding a place to store their bottles
✔︎ Those in need of a dedicated space for crafting cocktails
✔︎ Those who want to beautifully display their valuable collections

< Price & Specifications >

1.Bar Shelf 2-tier type

Price: Starting from ¥108,000 (including tax) Dimensions: Width 70cm x Depth 30cm x Height 93.5cm Wood: Oak or Walnut (*Price may vary depending on the wood type) Finish: Urethane oil coating

2.Bar Shelf 3-tier type

Price: Starting from ¥145,000 (including tax) Dimensions: Width 70cm x Depth 30cm x Height 136cm Wood: Oak or Walnut (*Price may vary depending on the wood type) Finish: Urethane oil coating

The 7cm brass bar protects your valuable collection.

The top surface of the 2-tier type can also be utilized as workspace for making drinks.

You can choose between Walnut (left) or Oak (right) for the wood material.

PYTHAGORA, with a track record of over 100 units sold of bar wagons and numerous shelves crafted for authentic bars, has extensive experience in bar furniture.

PYTHAGORA primarily focuses on selling furniture for household use. Their "Bar Wagon," launched in May 2022, has become a popular product with a cumulative sales record of over 100 units. In addition to this, they have extensive experience in crafting bottle storage shelves for various establishments such as authentic bars and restaurants. Furthermore, last year, their products were utilized as display fixtures in the booth of BAR TIMES at the "International BAR SHOW 2023." Leveraging their extensive experience in crafting bar furniture, PYTHAGORA has introduced the new product "Bar Shelf," which encapsulates the unique points of this genre.

The popular product from the BAR series, the "Bar Wagon."

Example of fabrication: Back bar for Lampy Glass

Example of fabrication: Glass storage shelf for Shinjuku Whisky Salon

International BAR SHOW 2023: Booth scenery of "BAR TIMES" exhibition.