【The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo】 The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo is set to host two editions of "Bartender Takeover" in January, featuring Mr. Atapon De Silva from Bangkok's "Asia Today" and Mr. Fumiaki Noguchi from "ISTA COFFEE ELEMENTS."

Offering unique cocktails crafted by acclaimed bartenders at the forefront of Thailand's bar scene and Japan's first-ever Barista & Bartender Double Champion.

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo (located at 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Midtown; General Manager: Shavi Gonzalez) will host a special one-night event, "Bartender Takeover," on January 26 (Friday) and 28 (Sunday) in which you can enjoy unique cocktails and performances that can only be experienced on-site. This exclusive event will feature renowned bartenders leading the Thai bar scene and Japan's first Barista & Bartender Double Champion, offering a diverse range of personality-infused cocktails. Join us at "The Bar" on the hotel's 45th floor for an unforgettable experience.

On January 26th (Friday), marking the 17th edition of the event, "Bartender Takeover" at "The Bar" in The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo will feature Mr. Attapon De-silva, a bartender from "Asia Today," a Bangkok-based bar that received the "The best Creative Bar Menu" award at "The Bar Awards 2018" and was ranked 43rd in "Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2022." Mr. Attapon De-silva will showcase his talents by offering four original cocktails that incorporate Thai ingredients.

Additionally, on January 28th (Sunday), for the 18th edition of the event, Mr. Fumiaki Noguchi from "ISTA COFFEE ELEMENTS," the first barista to be crowned Japan's best at the "World Class Japan Final," will present four cocktails. These include the cocktail "Neojapanesque" showcased at the competition and a dessert coffee cocktail that reflects his dual expertise as a barista and bartender.

Details for the two "Bartender Takeover" events in January, where you can enjoy distinctive cocktails overlooking Tokyo's skyscrapers at The Bar, are as follows.

"Bartender Takeover" by Mr. Attapon De-silva from "Asia Today"

Date: January 26, 2024 (Friday) | Time: 18:00 to 22:00 Price: ¥3,200 each (including tax and service charge)

  • For usage during the evening performance hours, an entertainment charge of ¥2,500 (tax included) will apply.
  • Operating hours are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Please note that reservations for seats at The Bar are not accepted.

Cocktail Offerings:

✓ Mango Sticky Finger Ingredients: Silent Pool Gin, Mango Sticky Rice Wine, Simple Syrup, Pandan Leaf, Mango Jelly, Golden Mung Beans

✓ Thai Tea Gin & Tonic Ingredients: Silent Pool Gin (infused with Thai tea), Lemon Juice, Indian Tonic, Mint, Cinnamon Stick, Orange Peel

✓ Stingless Old Fashioned Ingredients: Michter's Bourbon, Michter's Rye, Angostura Bitters, Stingless Honeybee Honey, Honey Water, Pickled Cherry, Orange Peel

✓ Golden Hour Ingredients: Michter's Bourbon, Lemon Juice, Fermented Honey, Saline Solution, Lemon Zest, Egg Yolk

【About "Asia Today"

Opened in Bangkok, Thailand in 2017, "Asia Today" is renowned for spearheading a movement where locally-sourced ingredients take center stage in the cocktail bar scene. The playful interior, featuring a large hanging shark from the ceiling, offers a vibrant atmosphere where drinks made with locally harvested ingredients and materials grown in-house are a highlight. The bar boasts a diverse collection, including natural honey sourced from various regions, flowers, and bee varieties. Particularly popular is the signature cocktail "Eastern Honey Bee," served in a mug made of beeswax and crafted with gin, natural tualang honey from indigenous bees, lime, and a foam of raw honey. In 2018, the bar received "The best Creative Bar Menu" award at "The Bar Awards 2018" and proudly secured the 43rd position in the "Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2022" rankings.

Profile of Mr. Attapon De-silva:

Mr. Attapon De-silva has had a diverse career in the bartending industry. After working as a bartender at "Sugar Ray (Thonglor)," he held the position of Bar Manager at "Q&A Bar (Bangkok, Asok branch)." His career has been marked by notable achievements, including being selected for "Asia's Best 50 Bar" in 2016 and 2017, as well as participating as a guest bartender at the "Singapore Cocktail Festival" held consecutively for three years starting from 2017. In 2019, he represented Thailand's spirit "Mekong" and participated in the "Thailand Cocktail Festival" held in Taipei. Subsequently, he assumed the role of Group Operation Director at "Yolo Group," his country's bar operating company, contributing to the success of bars such as "Teens of Thailand," "Asia Today," "Tax," "Independence," and "Untitled."

Recently, he served as the Final Judge for "The Ultimate Bartender Championship 2022" and co-founded events such as "Bangkok Bar Show 2019-2023" and "Bangkok Gin Fest 2019-2023."


  • La Maison Cointreau Thailand Champion 2014
  • World Class Thailand 24 Finalist 2015
  • Diplomatico World Tournament Thailand 2017, reached the 2nd round
  • Best Hospitality Team by Bangkok Bar Award 2017
  • Chivas Master Thailand Finalist 2019
  • "Teens of Thailand" ranked 64th in "Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2022"
  • "Asia Today" ranked 43rd in "Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2022"

"Bartender Takeover" by Mr. Fumiaki Noguchi from "ISTA COFFEE ELEMENTS"

Date: January 28, 2024 (Sunday) | Time: 18:00 to 22:00 Price: ¥3,200 each (including tax and service charge)

  • Usage during the evening performance hours will incur an entertainment charge of ¥2,500 (tax included).
  • Operating hours are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Please note that reservations for seats at The Bar are not accepted.

Cocktail Offerings:

✓ Royal Cacao 1942 An elegant cocktail that combines the finest Tequila Don Julio 1942 with Mexican-origin cocoa, creating the epitome of elegance. Ingredients: Don Julio 1942, Cocoa Ferment Syrup, Champagne, Cocoa Powder, Edible Gold Dust

✓ Luxury Negroni A fruity and herbal cocktail that adds a luxurious twist to the globally cherished Negroni, turning it from casual to upscale. Ingredients: Ron Zacapa, Cranberry Reduction, Homemade Herbal Tea Syrup, PX Sherry

✓ Neojapanesque A new yet nostalgic Neojapan cocktail showcased at the World Class Global Final. Ingredients: Singleton, Homemade Matcha Syrup, Homemade Citrus Meloncello, Homemade Herbal Green Gaba Juice, Saponin Oil, Sparkling Sake, Meringue

✓ R&Coffee A fruity and creamy dessert coffee cocktail, showcasing the dual expertise of a bartender and barista. Ingredients: Roe & Co, Coffee, Homemade Rose Syrup, Heavy Cream


Mr. Noguchi opened his first bar, "Bar ISTA," in Honmachi, Osaka, in 2010. Later, under the concept of "crossover between café and bar," he transformed the establishment into "ISTA COFFEE ELEMENTS" in 2021. Rebranded as a roastery bar with the concept of "savoring coffee to the fullest," the venue has since operated as a specialized store for in-house roasted coffee and coffee cocktails.

Profile of Mr. Fumiaki Noguchi:

Mr. Noguchi is renowned as Japan's first Barista & Bartender Double Champion. He encountered the profession of a barista 20 years ago and embarked on his journey in the field. Alongside his hands-on experience, he has been a lecturer at a specialized school for the past 15 years, engaging in menu development, training, judging competitions, and participating as a guest barista/bartender in events at hotels, bars, department stores, and more.

Actively participating in various competitions, he achieved victory in the 2018 World Coffee Battle Signature, a global competition for coffee cocktails. In 2023, he made history by becoming Japan's best barista in the World Class Japan Final, one of the world's largest bartender competitions.


  • 2014 Japan Coffee in Good Spirits Champion
  • 2015 Monin Coffee Creativity Cup Champion
  • 2016 Japan Coffee in Good Spirits Champion
  • 2018 World Coffee Battle Signature Champion
  • 2023 World Class Japan Final Champion
  • 2023 World Class Global Final Top 8 Finalist

"The Bar" at The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo:

Situated in a location that offers one of the finest views in Tokyo, "The Bar" is an iconic space that captures the entire area as a work of art. The oval-shaped bar counter, illuminated from the bottom, creates a romantic ambiance that harmonizes with the urban night view. The entertainment performed on the water stage enhances the experience, as the sound resonates through the water surface, allowing guests to enjoy even more beautiful tones and expansiveness.

About Head Bartender at "The Bar," Mr. Kentaro Wada:

After honing his skills as a mixologist at a bar in Shinsaibashi, Osaka, and a live house in New Zealand, Mr. Wada returned to Japan and joined The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo in July 2012.

With a track record of representing Japan and winning various world competitions, including "The Seagram's Bartender Masters 2018," Mr. Wada is known for creating visually stunning cocktails. His creations captivate guests from around the world who visit The Bar, showcasing his expertise and winning accolades.

【About The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo】

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo is located in Roppongi, the entertainment and business hub of Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Situated on the top 9 floors of the Midtown Tower, boasting the highest elevation in the city, it offers restaurants, a spa, a club lounge, and guest rooms that provide a panoramic 360-degree view. Among the 245 guest rooms, 40 are suites, and The Ritz-Carlton Spa Tokyo ensures the utmost relaxation.

The dining options include Japanese cuisine at "Hinokizaka," offering kaiseki, sushi, tempura, and teppanyaki, French dining at "Azure 45," bistro-style cuisine at "Towers," and chocolate & pastries at "La Boutique." Additionally, there are seven other establishments including "The Ritz-Carlton Cafe & Deli" and various lounges and bars. The hotel is equipped with meeting and event facilities as well as a wedding chapel.

For updates and information, The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo shares content on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/RitzCarltonTokyo/) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/RitzCarltonTokyo/) under the account name @RitzCarltonTokyo.