Cambodia's first high-end sake promotion event "SAKE OPEN" will be held! Establishing a high-quality sake market in Cambodia, where high-class Japanese food is booming!

Bringing new vitality to the sake industry. A sake venture takes on a new challenge to establish a high-end sake market in Cambodia, where high-end Japanese food is booming!

Kuraku Co., Ltd. (pronounced: Kuraku, head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, representative: Masato Takahashi, hereinafter referred to as Kuraku) will hold Cambodia's first high-end sake promotion "SAKE OPEN" in 2023.

Kuraraku is a company that coordinates sake breweries across the country with the vision of "making sake breweries the best place to work in the world."
On Friday, February 23rd and Saturday, February 24th, 2024, we will be inviting five breweries to collaborate with high-end restaurants and high-end Japanese restaurants.

The event will be held over two days.
We will establish a high-quality sake market through interaction between local restaurants and consumers.

<Event schedule>
Friday, February 23rd BtoB business meeting (SAKE OPEN Meeting)
:5-star hotel "Sofitel Phnom Penh"
Saturday, February 24th Pairing event for VIPs and influencers (SAKE OPEN Party)
: High-class Japanese restaurant “KYO OMAKASE”

In the future, we will grow the sake market in Cambodia and aim to horizontally expand our high-end sake model to Southeast Asia.

First high-end sake event held in Cambodia

The high-end sake event "SAKE OPEN", which will be held for the first time, is a sake promotion event that specializes in high-quality sake while conveying the charm and tradition of sake in Cambodia.

This time, for two days on February 23rd (Friday) and February 24th (Saturday), we will hold a BtoB business meeting "SAKE OPEN Meeting" at a 5-star hotel in Cambodia, and a pair meeting for VIPs and high-end customers at a high-class Japanese restaurant. We will be holding a ring event "SAKE OPNE Party".

SAKE OPEN Meeting is a BtoB business meeting where tastings are held for restaurants.

We will match sake breweries and restaurants through tastings of high-quality sake that has arrived in Cambodia for the first time.

SAKE OPEN Party will collaborate with KYO OMAKASE, the OMAKASE-style high-end Japanese restaurant that is hailed as Cambodia's No. 1 restaurant, to provide an exquisite pairing experience of "the finest Japanese food x high-quality sake."

Five of the country's most popular sake breweries have gathered in Cambodia.

We will establish a high-end sake market through matching with local restaurants and users.

The heating up high-end Japanese food market and limited selection of sake

Currently, there are over 250 Japanese restaurants in Cambodia, and the number of Japanese restaurants per capita is the highest in Southeast Asia, and Japanese cuisine is highly popular (according to the World Business Advisor Association).  

A high-end Japanese restaurant called "Omakase" is especially popular among wealthy people. As the name suggests, Omakase is a style of restaurant where the chef is left in charge of the cooking and uses only carefully selected ingredients.

The market price is in the high-end price range of $300 to $500 (45,000 to 75,000 yen) per person.

On the other hand, the types of sake offered in restaurants and within Cambodia are limited.
As a result, even in Japanese restaurants, the current situation is that wines priced between $100 and $500 are chosen in search of expensive wines.

We wanted to create an environment where people could fully enjoy sake at Japanese restaurants, so we decided to hold SAKE OPEN in order to grow the sake market in Cambodia.

Five sake breweries specializing in high-end sake are located locally

It has been decided that five sake breweries will be invited to AKE OPEN.

We offer high quality sake carefully selected by each sake brewery.

Below, we will introduce the sake breweries that are planning to participate.

*Publication order is in the order of consent to participate.
※Titles omitted

Takeaki/Sawanoi (Ozawa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., Tokyo)
Shichiken (Yamanashi Meijo Co., Ltd., Yamanashi Prefecture)
Under the rain, Vice Shogun (Meiri Sake Rui, Ibaraki Prefecture)
Made by (Shimizu Seizaburo Shoten Co., Ltd., Mie Prefecture)
Jinzo (Matsui Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. Kyoto Prefecture)

Held at a luxury hotel/restaurant representing Cambodia

The first event will be held at the 5-star hotel "Sofitel Phnom Penh" and the high-end Japanese restaurant "KYO OMAKASE".

The venue for the BtoB business meeting "SAKE OPEN Meeting" is "Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra". Accords Hotels is a top-of-the-line brand hotel chain based in France.

It is close to the Royal Palace and National Museum in the center of Phnom Penh, and adjacent to Cambodia's largest AEON mall.

In addition, the venue for the VIP and influencer event "SAKE OPEN Party" will be KYO OMAKASE, a high-end Japanese restaurant that is hailed as Cambodia's No. 1 restaurant.

At both venues, we will offer Cambodia's first exquisite sake experience.

◆Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra
◆KYO OMAKASE homepage

This event is sponsored by JETRO Cambodia.