The globally acclaimed herbal liqueur "Amāro" is garnering attention! Explore the captivating monthly event "SCARLET & SPIRITS," dedicated to Japanese Amaro "SCARLET," born in Japan!

On February 9th and 20th, we will also have a special bar time featuring bartender Tatsuya Motosonaga, owner of Iseya Shuzo and experienced at "Bar CAOL ILA" and "Bar BenFiddich"!

And Spirits Co., Ltd. (Location: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Ai Kuroda) will be hosting a collaboration event to showcase the charm of the Japanese Amaro "SCARLET," produced by Iseya Shuzo, from February 2nd (Friday) to February 29th (Thursday) at "&SPIRITS" in Naka-Meguro, Tokyo, and "SAKE COLLECTIVE &SPIRITS" on the B1 floor of Marubiru in Tokyo.

"Amaro" in Italian means "bitter" and refers to an Italian liqueur flavored with herbs and spices. While there are various theories about its origin, it is strongly believed to have been first created in a monastery around 1000 years ago for medicinal purposes. It later made its way into Italy, becoming a popular indulgence among the general populace.

Iseya Shuzo, located in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, produced Japan's first domestically made Amaro. They named it "SCARLET," meaning crimson, and use domestically sourced botanicals, creating a unique Amaro that can only be produced in Japan.

And Spirits Co., Ltd. will be hosting a special POP-UP event from February 2nd to February 29th, spanning one month, with the support of RUDDER Co., Ltd., the official distributor of SCARLET. The event aims to promote Japanese Amaro and its unique qualities.

Guest Bartender Night featuring Mr. Tatsuya Motosonaga

We are delighted to invite Mr. Tatsuya Motosonaga, the representative director of Iseya Shuzo, the creator of SCARLET, to host a special bar night on February 9th (Friday) and February 20th (Tuesday).

Mr. Tatsuya Motosonaga, Representative Director of Iseya Shuzo Co., Ltd.

After working at the malt bar "Bar CAOL ILA" in Shibuya, Mr. Motosonaga gained experience as a bartender at "Bar BenFiddich" in Shinjuku, "WA-SHU" in Taiwan, and "Whisky Cat," a sister establishment of Golden Promise in China. During his travels in Europe, he was deeply influenced by the local practice of crafting spirits. He was particularly drawn to the idea that the approach to crafting herbal liqueurs is similar to that of cocktails.

For this event, Mr. Motosonaga has specially devised three unique cocktails using SCARLET, created exclusively for the occasion.

SCARLET in bocca" priced at ¥1,430 (including tax).

"SCARLET Aperitivo" is composed of 25 botanicals, including orange peel, jasmine, mugwort, marjoram, and hops. It boasts a well-balanced combination of bitterness and sweetness, with a lingering bitter taste that becomes addictive over time.

The special cocktail "SCARLET in bocca" featuring Aperitivo represents the Italian tradition of enjoying a light snack before a meal. The name, when translated literally, means "Scarlet in the mouth." However, in Italian, it carries the meaning of "keeping a secret in the mouth with water." This dual meaning encapsulates the secret recipe of Amaro and the idea of savoring the cocktail throughout the mouth. The homemade espresso syrup tightens the overall composition, creating a cocktail with a compelling sweet and bitter taste that is easy to enjoy, making it the perfect gulp-worthy drink.

"Rings a Bell" priced at ¥1,430 (including tax).

"Scarlet Verde Amaro" is crafted using spirits from the Niigata-based Echigo Yakuza Distillery, featuring over 30 botanicals, including sage, lemon balm, fennel, rhubarb, pine needles, mulberry leaves, dandelion roots, ostrich fern, sweet flag, mugwort, and more, all grown in the fields. It emanates a refreshing meadow scent, with an enduring balance of sweetness and bitterness. The lingering aftertaste is delicately perfumed with the soothing aroma of mugwort.

The special cocktail "Rings a Bell" featuring Verde Amaro spreads a refreshing herbaceous sensation throughout the mouth, creating a drink that is both new and nostalgically familiar. True to its name, "Rings a Bell," this cocktail evokes a sense of nostalgia and endearment, making it a delightful and charming beverage.

"Kick in RADICE" priced at ¥1,430 (including tax).

"Scarlet Radice" is an Amaro with a focus on root elements, as the name suggests ("RADICE" means root in Italian). This collaboration with the Echigo Yakuza Distillery comes to life with a combination of roots such as angelica, licorice, udogi (Chinese artichoke), chicory, and fresh bergamot, culminating with black cumin as the final piece. After approximately three years of cultivation since breaking ground in the field, this meticulously crafted spirit has finally come to fruition, with all the botanicals falling into place.

The special cocktail featuring Radice, "Kick in RADICE," is aptly named to signify the beginning of something, capturing the essence of "something starting from this cocktail." The combination of root-based Amaro and mezcal creates a cocktail with depth, enhanced by herbal notes.

Mr. Motosonaga's three special cocktails will be available exclusively for the limited two-day period mentioned below. To ensure you don't miss out, we invite everyone to join us during these days.

<Guest Bartender Night Schedule>

  • February 9th (Friday) 18:00-23:00, held at Marubiru's "SAKE COLLECTIVE &SPIRITS"
  • February 20th (Tuesday) 18:00-23:00, held at Naka-Meguro's "&SPIRITS"

<1-Month Limited Scarlet Menu>

In addition to Mr. Motosonaga's Guest Bartender Nights, throughout the month of February, there is a rich selection of menus to fully enjoy SCARLET on other days.

▶︎ Exclusive to &SPIRITS: 3 types of Scarlet Verde Amaro cocktails

<Available every Sunday to Thursday from 18:00 to 23:00>

Three Special Cocktails with Scarlet Verde Amaro, Devised by &SPIRITS Head Bartender Daigo Nakashima. Available every Sunday to Thursday from 18:00 onwards.

  1. "Ramos Verde Fizz" ¥1,210 (including tax) Left in the photo

An adaptation of the Ramos Gin Fizz, the prototype of the Gin Fizz. Despite the initial impression of heavy flavors like coconut, the combination of Amaro's bittersweetness and herbal notes results in a refreshing taste.

  1. "Imitation Green Salad" ¥1,320 (including tax) Top right in the photo

Inspired by Caprese and prosciutto salads, this cocktail harmonizes garnishes like prosciutto with black pepper and coriander seeds. A salad cocktail that supplements lost vitamins due to alcohol consumption!

  1. "Chocolate Pudding with Amaro Ice Cream" ¥1,540 (including tax) Bottom right in the photo

A luxurious adult dessert cocktail where Scarlet Verde Amaro is used in homemade ice cream, topped with rum-infused chocolate pudding and brownie. Enjoy various sweets in one glass. From the middle onwards, sprinkle the accompanying rock salt for added enjoyment.

▶︎ Exclusive Scarlet Verde Amaro Cocktails at Bar BenFiddich &SPIRITS

<Available every Friday and Saturday from 18:00 to 23:00>

"Valentine for Verde" priced at ¥1,320 (including tax).

"Valentine for Verde" crafted by Takumi Moriwaki at Bar BenFiddich, is a cocktail featuring Scarlet Verde Amaro specially designed for Valentine's Day. The sweetness of chocolate rum and cocoa powder, combined with the grassy and pleasant bitterness of Verde Amaro, pairs remarkably well with olive juice and Parmesan cheese. It is a highly satisfying drink that resembles both a dish and a dessert.

This cocktail is available every Friday and Saturday from 18:00 onwards.

▶︎ Exclusive to SAKE COLLECTIVE &SPIRITS: 3 types of Scarlet Cocktails

<Available every day from 18:00 to 23:00>

Special cocktails devised by Eiwa Suzuki, Chief Manager of SAKE COLLECTIVE &SPIRITS, featuring three types of Scarlet. Available every day from 18:00 throughout February.

  1. "Scarlet Sour" ¥1,430 (including tax) Left in the photo

The roast aroma of coffee and the sweetness of amaretto enhance the bitterness of Scarlet Aperitivo.

  1. "Green Syndrome" ¥1,430 (including tax) Center in the photo

The slightly bitter combination of shungiku (garland chrysanthemum) and grapefruit, complemented by the refreshing flavor of Scarlet Verde Amaro, creates a delightful experience.

  1. "Route Nine" ¥1,430 (including tax) Right in the photo

The complex flavor of Scarlet Radice Amaro harmonizes with the bitterness and sweetness of tonic water, creating a long cocktail that becomes addictive.

▶︎ Scarlet Tasting Set (3 types) available at both locations

<Available all day during business hours at both establishments>

Scarlet Tasting Set (3 types) priced at ¥1,320 (including tax).

For those trying Scarlet for the first time or those interested in experiencing the differences in flavors, we recommend the Scarlet Tasting Set priced at ¥1,320 (including tax), consisting of 15ml samples of all three varieties. Scarlet is exceptionally delicious even when consumed on its own, so we encourage you to take this opportunity to savor the rich flavors of Scarlet.

Special Limited Edition Poster Giveaway

During the event period, customers who purchase one bottle of Scarlet or complete the set of three cocktails on Mr. Motosonaga's Guest Days will receive a complimentary limited edition Scarlet poster.

Scarlet Limited Edition Poster

The Scarlet bottle features a special gimmick that reflects Mr. Motosonaga's Osaka roots! Please take the opportunity to check the details, including the seal and tag, by handling the product.

"SCARLET &SPIRITS" is scheduled to run from February 2nd to February 29th. To captivate as many people as possible with the allure of Scarlet, we will continue to maximize its charm throughout the event.

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