Opening on the first floor of Sendai Station: 'SENDAI STATION BREWERY Fermenteria' - the birth of a new hub for fermentation culture (Spring 2024).

Everyday freshly brewed 'Sake Baby' from transparent fermentation tanks and non-alcoholic fermented beverage 'Rice Brewmilk' will be crafted by a local fermentation shop opening in the station.

Shokagura Co., Ltd. (CEO: Yuka Izawa) is set to open SENDAI STATION BREWERY Fermenteria, a brewery for fermented craft beverages and alcoholic drinks, on the first floor of Sendai Station in Spring 2024. After three years of planning and preparation through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the establishment aims to play a role as a new landmark, contributing to the revitalization of Sendai Station.


⚫︎ About the Brand Name

'Fermenteria' - Bringing the Charm of Fermentation to the Streets

The brand name 'Fermenteria' is a coined term combining the word "Fermentation" and the Latin-derived suffix "-eria," which signifies a place or establishment. This name carries the meaning of "a place for fermentation," embodying the aspiration to become a "local fermentation shop" deeply rooted in the community. Through the art of fermentation, a biological marvel intertwined with human sensibilities, the brand aims to convey the enchantment of fermentation to the neighborhood.

⚫︎ Concept

1.Offering the Allure of Elusive Sake: [Freshly Brewed Delicacy]

In a contemporary era where sake brewing has become commercialized, and the craft of brewing has been institutionally separated from people's lives, with only a privileged few possessing the necessary licenses, the true essence of "freshly brewed" sake, just poured from the tank, has become a rarity accessible only to those within the brewery. Shokagura aims to shine a spotlight on the significant value and allure of such scarce "freshly brewed" sake and make it available to a wider audience.

In beer-centric Germany, there's a saying: "Good beer can be found within sight of the brewery's chimney," emphasizing the idea that beer should not have to travel far. Brewery pubs, conducting both brewing and serving in the same location within the city, exist precisely to provide the deliciousness of "freshly brewed" beverages, echoing the sentiment that the value lies in enjoying drinks at their freshest.

2.Witnessing the Evolution of Fermentation - The Unique Sake Brewery Design of Fermentaria

In terms of design, we adopted a reverse approach from the norm, opting not to shrink the brewery in a factory-style layout but instead expanding the concept of home brewing. The design is based on Yuka Izawa's MiCURA, the world's first authentic home sake brewing kit developed and sold overseas. At our brewery, 30 transparent tanks line the walls, allowing visitors to witness the entire process of rice turning into sake up close. From freshly brewed "komekome" states to fermenting bubbles and the final product, guests can observe the transformation of rice into sake.

3.Completing the Circle for a New Economic Cycle

The sake brewed at our facility is not only sold directly to consumers through takeout but also supplied to surrounding eateries. By allowing each establishment to create unique variations of our products, we aim to provide opportunities for value addition by the providers themselves. Our goal is to create a primitive yet new economic cycle in the Reiwa era where the faces of producers, conveyors, and consumers are visible: "Produced there, enhanced in value, and consumed there."

With the world's logistics now more convenient than ever, and acquiring goods becoming easier, the value of "experiences that can only be had by being there" has increased. Embracing the unique location of Sendai Station, where the process of rice turning into sake is visible through transparent tanks and where freshly brewed beverages are served daily, we aim to offer distinctive experiences. With the desire to attract visitors from both domestic and international locations to the gateway of Tohoku and, consequently, contribute to the further revitalization of Sendai, we are pleased to announce the opening of SENDAI STATION BREWERY Fermenteria.

Conceptual Image of Completion

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