SG Group's Shingo Gokan appointed as JAL Cocktail Advisor, will begin supervising cocktails for international first/business class starting from November 1st.

In October 2023, Shingo Gokan, the founder of SG Group, assumed the position of Cocktail Advisor at Japan Airlines (JAL). He will be involved in devising cocktail recipes offered by JAL and providing advice for the bar menu. Supervised cocktails will be available in the international first and business classes starting from November 1st.

While JAL has collaborated with top chefs and sommeliers representing various genres in the culinary world for menu development, this marks the first instance of their involvement in the cocktail department. Working in collaboration with the world's leading bartenders, they aim to enhance the in-flight experience further. The menu will gradually expand in the future, intending to include non-alcoholic cocktails as well.

The first series of cocktails to be offered starting in November includes five for first class and three for business class. Notably, in first class, two cocktails utilizing "KOKUTO DE LEQUIO," a black sugar liqueur developed by Shingo Gokan in collaboration with a distillery in Okinawa, will be provided for the first time on both domestic and international airlines.

"KOKUTO DE LEQUIO" is a Japanese-origin liqueur created by blending Ryukyu awamori (Okinawan distilled spirit) with two types of locally produced black sugar and rum derived from black sugar. The project aimed to utilize traditional Okinawan ingredients and share them with the world, culminating in its completion in March 2023. With the collaboration of JAL, the offering will commence on JAL's international flights connecting various cities worldwide, reaching numerous people across multiple countries and regions.

・Gokan shingo

Representative of SG Group. One of the most prominent bartenders in the world today.

Began a career as a bartender in 2001. In 2006, honed skills in a prestigious bar in New York after moving there alone. In 2012, competed in the world's largest cocktail competition, Bacardi Legacy, as the representative for the United States and won the global competition.

In 2014, opened Speak Low in Shanghai. Since then, continued to open bars with new concepts one after another, currently operating 8 establishments both domestically and internationally. Has received the most awards, a total of 49 times, in WORLD'S / ASIA'S 50 BEST BARS.

In 2017, won the "International Bartender of the Year," known as the Oscars of the bar industry, at Tales of the Cocktail. At ASIA'S 50 BEST BARS, received the "Altos Bartenders' Bartender" award in 2019, chosen by fellow bartenders, and in 2021 was honored with the "Roku Industry Icon Award," given to an individual symbolizing the bar industry that year. Presently active with bases in Tokyo, New York, Shanghai, and Okinawa.


The world's first black sugar liqueur born from Ryukyu Awamori, Okinawan black sugar, and rum.

Created from a fruity awamori base using yeast harvested from Okinawa's cherry blossoms, we carefully integrated the distinct characters of black sugar from Iriomote Island and Yonaguni Island. Additionally, a small amount of rum crafted from black sugar was blended to further enhance the flavor profile of the black sugar. This unprecedented liqueur is a combination of the robust and creamy richness from the black sugar of Iriomote Island, adding an accent of bitterness from the black sugar sourced from Yonaguni Island to the bodied base spirits of awamori and rum.

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・SG Group

A bar culture company led by founder Shingo Atagoshi. It boasts numerous internationally acclaimed bartenders. Developing and managing new concept bars transcending the boundaries of traditional bars both domestically and internationally, they hold the record for the most awards in the WORLD'S / ASIA'S 50 BEST BARS.

In February 2020, in collaboration with three distilleries, Takahashi Shuzo (Kumamoto), Satsuma Shuzo (Kagoshima), and Sanwa Shurui (Oita), they jointly developed 'The SG Shochu,' an authentic shochu suitable for enjoyment at bars, releasing a lineup of three variations: 'KOME,' 'IMO,' and 'MUGI.'

In March 2023, in collaboration with Mizuho Shuzo (Okinawa) and One Spirit (Okinawa), they released 'KOKUTO DE LEQUIO,' a liqueur made from Ryukyu Awamori and Okinawan black sugar. In the same month, they initiated the general sale of 'S/G Glass,' a glassware brand designed in collaboration with glass designer Yutaro Kimura. This glassware brand is available at bar tool shops like 'OCHO' (Shibuya, Tokyo).

Operational Stores and Awards History
Speak Low (Shanghai): The World’s 50 Best Bars 10th (2017) / Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2nd (2017)
Sober Company (Shanghai): The World’s 50 Best Bars 39th (2021) / Asia’s 50 Best Bars 5th (2021) / The Best Bar in Mainland China (2022)
The SG Club (Tokyo): The World’s 50 Best Bars 36th (2023) / Asia’s 50 Best Bars 3rd (2021) / The Best Bar in Japan (2020, 2021)
The Odd Couple (Shanghai): Asia’s 50 Best Bars 87th (2023)
Esujirou / SG Low (Tokyo): Opened in February 2021
El Lequio (Okinawa): Opened on March 8, 2022 / Asia’s 50 Best Bars 80th (2023
æ (ash) [zero-waste cafe & bar] (Tokyo): Opened on May 30, 2022
The SG Shochu (Authentic Shochu): San Francisco World Spirits Competition (2021)KOME & IMO: Double Gold Medal / MUGI: Gold Medal / Design Category: Bronze Medal
KOKUTO DE LEQUIO (Liqueur): Launched in March 2023
S/G Glass (Glassware): Started general sales in March 2023
OCHO (Bar Tool Shop): Opened in Shibuya on June 16, 2023