SHINDO LAB wins GOLD in global whiskey contest

4 products won prizes including “SHINDO NEW MAKE PEATED”

This time, Shinozaki SHINDO LAB Co., Ltd. (Headquarters :"SHINDO NEW MAKE PEATED" (Hiramatsu, Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture) won GOLD in the New Make & Young Spirits New Make category.

WWA evolved from the ``Best of the Best'' whiskey competition, which was held once every two years starting in 2001, and changed its name to ``World Whiskey Awards'' in 2007. held. This is a unique competition that has gained tremendous trust from whiskey fans and makers around the world, with a strict and consistent blind tasting of whiskeys only, without the knowledge of the brand.

"SHINDO NEW MAKE PEATED", which won the GOLD this time, aims to express a minor aroma that accounts for less than 1% of the whole whiskey in pursuit of innovation and proposal, and uses multiple yeasts to create a heavy, sweet lactone aroma. An unblended sake that expresses a multi-layered aroma based on .
Based on Shinozaki Co., Ltd.'s research in sake brewing that has continued for over 100 years, it embodies the concept of SHINDO LAB's ``THE QUEST FOR THE ORIGINAL'', which produces new sake that is not bound by preconceptions. You can enjoy the deep aroma and taste of "NEW MAKE" that overturns common sense.

Additionally, in the spring of 2025, we are finally planning to release SHINDO LAB's first aged whiskey.
Please expect by all means.

WWA award winning products
New Make & Young Spirits New Make Category GOLD Award

Ingredients: Malt (manufactured in the UK)
Alcohol content: 60%
Capacity: 200ml
Year of distillation: 2023
Suggested retail price (tax included): 2,750 yen
Domestic sales: 1500
Release information: On sale from September 2023

Product concept
Aiming to be an innovative sake that overturns the conventional wisdom of "NEW MAKE," this unblended sake uses multiple yeasts and expresses a multi-layered aroma based on a heavy and sweet lactone aroma.

Other WWA award winning products

New Make & Young Spirits New Make Category BRONZE Award

New Make & Young Spirits Young Spirits Category BRONZE Award

New Make & Young Spirits Young Spirits Category BRONZE Award



The rich nature nurtured by Fukuoka/Kyushu.
Reliable quality, built up over 100 years.
And free ideas that are not bound by common sense.
It's not just delicious.
Infused with newness that will move your heart.
Alcohol and people. Connecting two things, changing time.
Make it the royal road and take the new road.
To what extent can alcohol be fun?



SHINDO LAB is a new manufacturing facility of Shinozaki Co., Ltd. that started in 2021 with the philosophy of "THE QUEST FOR THE ORIGINAL." We aim to propose original alcoholic beverages, drinks, and experiences without being bound by existing concepts.
While we believe in originality, we strive to create new products and products from Asakura, Fukuoka Prefecture, in pursuit of the ``Royal Road and New Road,'' which is not only the creation of novelties but also careful and precise sake brewing backed by history. We will continue to communicate the value of our experience.

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