The new series from the glassware brand 'SIP AND GUZZLE' has been launched.

"SIP AND GUZZLE," the glassware brand founded by Shingo Nokan, a world-renowned top bartender and founder of SG Group, along with Yutaro Kimura, a leading glass designer in Japan, has announced a new series. The series will be gradually available at BAR TIMES STORE. Visit the "SIP AND GUZZLE" sales page for more details.


・Mustache Series

Originally developed as the VanDyke series, the Mustache series features playful cocktail glasses with a design not commonly seen elsewhere. They serve as distinctive accents on counters and tables.

145 MG
Resembling a Margarita glass in form, but originally designed for champagne with a central indentation. Its design evokes a vintage feel.
Named after Sphere, it boasts a charming, rounded form reminiscent of a sphere. It subtly enhances the uniqueness of cocktails.
Named SQ for its square profile when viewed from the side. Despite sharing the SQ name, they differ in design and capacity, offering versatility for various occasions. Ideal for classic cocktails, as well as coffee cocktails and champagne.
Sunao Wine
SUNAO 15oz Pi / SUNAO 15oz RD / SUNAO 10oz WH 

We redesigned the Nautilus series wine glasses to be more durable and practical for everyday use while retaining the original design essence. They are suitable not only for restaurants and bars but also for casual use at home. Elevate your everyday drink into something special.They are dishwasher safe. Please use a wine glass rack for best results.*"SUNAO 15oz Pi" will be in stock soon.

Sunao TB/OF(スナオ)

SUNAO 12oz TB  / SUNAO 14oz OF

The design features a slightly tapered mouth like Bordeaux wine glasses, allowing aromas to linger. When you want to capture smoke or fragrances, you can utilize the upper space for presentation. It's suitable for everyday use with beverages like beer, highballs, or water glasses.They are dishwasher safe. Please use a glass rack for best results. We recommend Glass Mode.


Nemo 8oz /  Nemo 7oz  / Nemo Gland Lid ( Donguri )

We have added three items to the series characterized by short stems. These items feature a unique design exclusive to SIP AND GUZZLE, requiring highly skilled craftsmanship during production—a symbol of our originality. They can be used for a wide range of drinks, from cocktails to wine and sake. When used together with the lid (acorn) and Nemo series, you can capture aromas such as smoke.

The lid (acorn) can be used with any glass from the Nemo series, but it is designed to fit best with the Nemo 7oz.*"Nemo 7oz" and "Nemo Gland Lid (Donguri)" will be in stock soon.

Each item not only focuses on form and design but also incorporates SG Group's expertise and know-how to ensure usability in bars and restaurants. We meticulously pursued the ideal shape, from the thickness of the glass to the width of the stem. Crafted with care by skilled artisans using traditional hand-blown techniques at workshops selected personally by Yutaro Kimura, these items reflect our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Sip and Guzzle VanDyke 5oz N/N [150ml]
Sip and Guzzle
Reference price:¥2,200
Sip and Guzzle VanDyke 5oz Coupe [150ml]
Sip and Guzzle
Reference price:¥2,300